How to lose weight after giving birth?

 lose weight after giving birthFlickering 9-month waiting moments of wonder and happy motherhood, accompanied by unique emotions and pleasant troubles for the baby care, ugly clouds reflected noticeably plump mom. That extra weight and puffy fat literally once wasp waist of the fleeting past year are the main cause of postpartum depression, which is accompanied by irritability, vulnerability, aggression even to the native people, frustration, apathy to life and its pleasures.

In order not to expose the nursing mother, from the physical and psychological condition which directly depends on the development of the crumbs, you must know how to lose weight after giving birth, and without prejudice to the health of the organism and avoiding stress.

First of all, the girl with the baby it is not necessary to practice hard diets to expose the body heavy physical activity, take medication to reduce your weight or appetite with psychotropic effects, or to agree to the surgical removal of cellulite (liposuction), which is not only harmful, but also life threatening. However, in this case, and secondly, it is not desirable and cause neglect and self-pity, justifying the folds of fat postpartum stress-calorie feeding, and so forth.

Psychologists, nutritionists and experienced mothers of large families, assure only faith in himself the desire to become again an ideal worthy of admiration and imitation, and purposeful movement to help naturally and not artificially restore sex appeal shape, graceful gait and happy look. It is moderately intense movement a month after the birth of the regular morning a 15-minute charge or daily walks with the child for 1.5-2 hours guarantee a gradual and aesthetic redemption of the hated kilograms – without a saggy skin in the area of ​​emaciated stomach, thighs, buttocks.

 But walk in the fresh air, which favors the appetite should not be accompanied by carbonated drinks, high calorie seeds, nuts, sweet cakes, ice cream and so on. Sweet, dry and liquid weaknesses. After excess liquid stagnation in the body, as well as a genetic tendency to gain weight, but increase the weight.

It reduces body weight mom balanced, rich in vitamins and minerals coming from fresh fruits and vegetables , birds , meat , fish , seafood and other foods.

Boiled, steamed, baked, not fried. Mom Diet now and for many years is now under the control of the kid who eats often and in moderation. Similarly – 5-6 times a day useful for feeding and nursing mother, who has time to recover in between milk, and not necessarily for through consumption of dairy products high fat and dimensionless quantities. Just cream, butter, hard cheese does not hurt to exclude admissible sour cream, low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt, fermented baked milk, yogurt, kefir, milk, whey.

Fat Burning help also rich in iron and vegetable , animal protein products. Full of vitality and destroy cellulite deposits fiber deducing slags cereals – buckwheat, barley, rice, barley, wheat. It is important to strictly refuse flour, confectionery products, canned food, spicy, exotic dishes, salty foods, alcohol.

Satisfy hunger between basic techniques without damage to help shape an apple, green tea without sugar. From sweets pampered allowed candy, marshmallows, jelly, a few pieces of chocolate – however, the amount of sugar depends on the child’s condition: the congenital diathesis candy masterpieces are prohibited, which will improve and the condition of mother figure, the energy value of food consumed per day should not exceed 2000 K / cal. Although a significant portion of calories you can burn in a fitness club, where the harmony in the soul regain mobility and positive hobby aerobics , pilates, yoga, dancing , swimming, running, tennis, etc.

Subject to the requirements for 1 month maternity leave lovely housewife can rid your body of 2 kilograms, so stunning return to the favorite work in the form of an impeccable business woman.

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