What you need to do and what not to stay slim

Stay SlimEven a small regular course of exercises can work wonders. Follow the advice of a coach or any book on fitness and you will look fabulous after 12 weeks.

Shop, previously making a list of required products

There is nothing worse than to get cramps in my stomach from extra servings of chocolate. Better to just not buy it, at least, just in case, as it usually happens.

Get support

This is really important to lose weight together with someone. When someone eats the same food – it inspires you, you do not feel lonely. Find someone in your family who can help you morally and perhaps even be a set of exercises.

Look at your size to diet

Faced with the result, you will not have to look at how to feed your friends and compare yourself to them. Gradually you get used to fruit, vegetables, dairy products and cut diet fat and sweet, because the result is important to you.

Put yourself achievable goals

This is important, since achieving a certain result, you can make yourself a reward in the form of a trip to the candy store or the movies.

Solve the problem, rather than seize them

Many of us use food as a means of stress relief and a source of pleasure, but this is not correct – should eat to satisfy hunger, but not to get rid of the problems.

Remember: there are no good and bad foods, eat the wrong combination of products

This means that you can treat yourself to a chocolate or chips, but everything should be in moderation.

Compare the amount of food to energy spent

To get started, please create a diary, where you will write down how much you have eaten and what exercise did. Then you realize how long you have for the most dangerous, for example, the food in the evening watching TV. To get the result, replace TV viewing evening walk, reading a book or taking a shower.

Do not attempt to minimize the amount of food

Studies have shown that only a diet together with exercise will save you from excess weight.

Do not think that diet without restriction save you from excess weight

Some non-strict diets promise great results, but do not rush to believe them. The Council can only be so if there is something you really want, then allow yourself to it, but in small quantities. Do not forget that life is given to you din time, it is necessary to love and indulge in everything.

Do not trust the labels

A small amount of fat in the product does not mean it some companies compensate fats sugar.

Do not skip breakfast

The classic way to stock up on energy for the whole day hearty breakfast. If you do not eat in the morning, then arrange a brunch, it is very useful.

Do not become a fanatical follower of diets

Have you always sat on a diet? You feel weak? Change your approach to dieting, review your diet. And allow yourself to live a few days without dieting, for the sake of pleasure!

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