How to relax after a hard workout?

SlimEach workout should end the process of complete relaxation of the body. Ignoring the restorative phase reduces the effectiveness of the training process, the risk of deformation of the muscles and nervous system.

Intensive training to enter your body under stress, you want to cancel using high-quality relaxation and recreation. Over-saturation and long duration training requires a deeper rest. And it is not only the physiological rest all the organs and muscles, but also the relaxation of the nervous system, is also under huge strain during training.

Prolonged stress conditions and nervous strain often lead to emotional outbursts. This factor has a direct impact on our health and well-being. During stressful situations observed overvoltage nerves and muscles. Our task – to rid the body of the available voltage, maximum relax all parts of the body.

All the organs of the human body have a certain inertia. Have this property and our muscles – some time after the end of training, they are still in a state of tension. It is necessary to act on them gently to rid the body of all the possible negative impacts of congestion and stress.

Complete relaxation is the next set of exercises:

  1. Lie on your back, as close to the floor of the lumber. Hands lay along the body, palms up. Feet turned out.
  2. To relax all the muscles as much as possible, try to turn off the brain from the surrounding reality. Use self-hypnosis to feel the lightness of your body almost weightless.
  3. Breathing should be calm, steady and quiet.

Many may seem superfluous are detailed instructions on the proper relaxation, however, to be quite frank, is unlikely to have happened at least once to relax, completely fenced off from reality. Meanwhile, on the validity of this exercise, the final result depends on the success of the training process.

Try to achieve a complete detachment from reality and allow the body to relax with the help of practical exercises, as embodied in yoga.

  1. In each yoga session ends with a mandatory session of relaxation. In principle, a relaxation using the same steps that are described above. The difference lies in attracting mental activities to the contemplation of each particle of the body in need of restoration. Taking the most comfortable position, you soothe and align your breath, imagine how relaxed fingertips on your feet, then move inside look at your feet, ankles and so on. E., Until you get to the head. Every part of your body will relax better if you imagine any one time recovery. Presenting themselves as recovering your head, you should pay attention to relax the chin, lips, nose, eyes, frontal part. At the end of the exercise you will feel weightless, like a petal or a snowflake.

If relaxation is successful, your muscles will be ready for new loads, in addition, you will be free from the effects of stress. Excessive tension of muscles well relaxed in the water: useful swim in the pool or take a warm shower. After a pleasant water treatments you will feel completely relaxed and refreshed.

If you plan to complete relaxation by means of sleep, try to provide dim lighting and a complete silence in the room, bedroom, however, quiet and relaxing music in the background of sleep are also welcome.

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