How many times a week you need to do fitness?

FitnessGirls who are aiming to lose weight, ask yourself: How many times a week you need to do fitness? In any case, each person is different and say exactly how much exercise is necessary for you is hard to say. Still, there are several factors that will help you to understand this question.

It all depends on your goals. Perhaps you do for fun, fitness, maintaining good form or you lose weight and muscle mass can accumulate.Number of training depends on the severity of your workouts. Exercise can be easy for you and you can do every day, and possibly very heavy and your muscles will need to give time to rest and recover.

Another important factor is your stamina. It is necessary to gradually load your body to get used to it loads. Another factor is the way of your life.

 Number of training depends on your sleep, work, and other nervous system. There are two types of training. For muscle mass and strength is used very big load, and helps to ensure that your nervous system and muscles are very tired. Very often, people want everything at once, so I think if you engage directly with heavy loads every day, the result will be earlier, but really only hurt your body, because a daily workout on muscle growth is bad for your health, as you develop stress hormone cortisol, which destroys your muscles.

And as a result – constant fatigue and nervous irritability. Advanced trainees, people can visit health clubs Omsk from 3 to 5 days a week, if they aim to increase muscle mass. It is best if it will be split workout when you share the days of muscle groups, that is to train one muscle group no more than once every four days.

It is important to alternate training in the growth of the mass with the active days of rest. With weight loss workouts on your goal becomes to move more and to spend more calories. It should take 3 to 5 days a week, but do not forget about the recovery of your muscles and nervous system.

It is best to deal with in a day. This will help you to calm down mentally, because you do not have to deal with every day. As always, the load and the number of your training should be increased gradually. It is best to use a circular exercise is when you’re a single workout all muscle groups. To achieve the result, a minimum amount of training is two times a week.

Can I deal with every day? There is no need to train every day, especially if it’s weight training or cardio workout. It will only bring harm to your body, and no fun. Every day, you can only perform stretching exercises, dancing, swimming, or do some light cycling.

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