Fitness for young mothers

 young mothersFitness for young mothers – it is a necessity. Many people wrongly think that to start training immediately after birth is harmful. However, it is not. To delay the recovery process is not necessary, because then you will be much more difficult to restore to its former beauty. But we should not ignore the advice of a doctor because each woman brings the process of labor individually.

It is possible that your doctor will solve some exercises, but there are those who do not recommend you to do. And the beginning of the gym for some may be the day after the birth, but for others, this event may be delayed for a couple of weeks. A set of exercises for the young mothers about the same, because it includes only the necessary exercise for shape recovery.

Earlier than a day after the birth of exercise is contraindicated. If the birth process was for you without any complications, then proceed to this exercise 24 hours after birth:

  1. The rotational movement of the hands and forearms are performed one hand, starting from the wrists for half a minute each. Mash thus should put his hand on the bed and bent at right angles. Proceed to the rotational movement of the forearm, bending the arm at the elbow only. Alternate each arm for half a minute each. Do not forget that your breathing should be deep and steady, and the forearm and hand during rotational movements should not be stretched.
  2. The following exercise – rotating arms at the shoulder. Inhale and raise your right hand in a circle forward and upward, and exhale take her back and return to starting position. Then do the same with your left hand and repeat five times for each arm. Do not strain your hand at the wrist when performing this exercise.
  3. The following exercise – rotating feet. For its implementation it is necessary to lift a leg over the bed at 20 cm. And then proceed to the rotational motion in the ankle, first the left, then to the right for half a minute each. Repeat for the other leg.
  4. The exercise is to bend the legs is performed in such a way: you have to inhale bend the leg at the knee, moving the bed in such a way so as not to come off the foot of it, and then slowly bring it back to the starting position as you exhale. Likewise perform bending and on the other leg for one minute each.

The end result of the whole complex is a complex of exercises relaxation exercises.

Such an exercise implies that you will perform it twice a day. The first time you perform the exercises in two hours after breakfast, and the second time in three hours before dinner.

After two or three days after delivery, you can perform the following exercises:

  1. pelvic lifts. For this you need to put your hands along the body, and to focus on the forearm. Then lift the hips off the bed at the level of 15-20 cm, bending your knees and lifting the pelvis begin to perform a slow breath, and return to the starting position on a slow exhalation. Exercise is repeated five times.
  2. Tilt the knees. Take the starting position, lying on his back, bent with the knees and feet resting on the floor. Take a slow breath and thus tilt the knees, clasped together, left so that your back is not detached from the floor. Then exhale slowly return to starting position. If you can not do an exercise correctly on the floor, then run it on the bed, keeping her hands on the edge. Perform the exercise in the opposite direction, making sure that the knees were pressed tight together.
  3. Turn the chest. Take a starting position lying on his back, bringing your feet together. Followed by his left hand to take the right edge of the bed, it is done with the turn of chest and head to the right side. This action is carried out on the exhale. Perform each exercise is similar to the left side.
  4. lift the chest. To do this, lie down on the bed, arms to the side and slowly inhale to lift the chest off the bed so that the head does not come off from the pillow, and the elbows are aligned. Return to the starting position, exhaling slowly. Repeat this exercise at least five times since it strengthens the chest muscles and the formation of milk.
  5. exercise for cancer. It is necessary to go on the right side of the bed, holding his right hand over the left edge of it. Then you need to catch up to the edge of the bed and roll over on his stomach at the same time. Remember that when performing this exercise can not bend his legs and take your head from the back of the hand, where it should be located. In this position you need to be at least 10 minutes, because it is in the uterus, the muscle is weakened during childbirth, will gradually occupy the correct position. This exercise is also very useful for those women who have a uterus during pregnancy took the wrong position, so it can even be called therapeutic.
  6. folds legs – this activity is carried out in a few leisure time, after the previous one, slowly and gently flexing your knees alternately. For each leg perform ten repetitions.

After 4-6 days after the birth, you can vary your workout such types of exercises:

  1. lifting legs (leg bends with ejection). To perform this exercise you need to take a starting position lying on your back and knees bent. At the same time with a deep breath, you need to throw up his left leg, then return to the starting position while exhaling. Change the pace and perform for each leg of five reps.
  2. tilts to the side. To do this, you need to be straight and the heels and toes together, placing hands on the belt. During inhalation, the body cant to one side, and during exhalation occupy its original position. Alternately performed on the left and right five repetitions in each direction.
  3. leaned forward. To do this, you need to be straight and the heels and toes together, his arms along the body. On the exhale, you need to make the slope of the body forward, dropping his hands freely to the floor, and on inspiration necessary to return to the starting position. The number of repetitions – five.

These are just some exercises that will help your body to start rebuilding quickly after childbirth. But do not start to perform a particular exercise program without consulting your doctor. It is possible that you will have to choose a set of exercises individually, since the process of delivery is transferred to each woman differently.

On top of that restoring your figure after the birth took place more successfully, fitness for young mothers should always be combined with proper and balanced diet, which should be picked up by your doctor. On a walk with the baby can use backyard playgrounds. While the baby sleeps in the stroller in the open air dumps you overweight.

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