Perfection not secret!

PerfectionPerfection not secret! On immediate weight loss mom insisted. She said that it should be done now, while I am young, and later handle the weight will be much harder. Mom an experienced person in this matter, so that it can be trusted. She tried all sorts of ways, and something to me advised.

Yes, I myself realized that urgently needs to lose weight. Chronic fatigue, self-feeling, depression… and that in my younger years! But I had to start somewhere. Like many in my position, I thought that tight diet will help me. He clenched his will in a fist and began. First sat at a separate feed, then moved to a very strict diet. In the morning – toast with coffee, lunch two boiled eggs in the evening boiled fish.

And all without the salt. But then I was able to hold soldering literally a week, and then I started having terrible dizziness, pressure began to fall. Made other attempts to curb your appetite. Last time I tried to eat on points. But then again, not lasted long. Managed to lose a little weight, but then quickly gained it back. And all because I was frustrated, and again for food sprinkles. Yes, and work prevented me to follow all of these diets.

With physical exertion and physical activity I also have a problem. The work I have sedentary. Go in the evening to the metro rather than ride the bus a maximum of sports, which I can venture. Well, something else to do around the house. Obviously, this much weight is not reset. I heard that in order to reduce weight sewed some of the capsule in the stomach. But I’m terribly afraid of all operable. Such methods I strongly reject.

I tried teas and dietary supplements for weight loss. One tea had on me a laxative effect, but so strong that I was virtually housebound. Of course, on how to take it at work could not be considered. Other tea I bought once monthly rate. There from it is not really like. I’m going to myself, I even strength to push through. But his head was to be created that something was wrong. There was a feeling that I was all misunderstood, ears stood a constant ringing.

Only later did I read that some of the funds for weight loss may contain psychotropic substances. They act on the satiety centers in the brain, appetite is lost, but there is a bunch of side effects.

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