Wedding Diet

Wedding tipsWedding is good, but usually it is associated with multiple stresses. And when the bride gets nervous, they are starting to pull to sweets. And the result is that the wedding dress is sitting quite as we would like. If you want to lose weight for the wedding, you need to use express diet, with which in just three days, you can lose weight by five kilos.

Menu a three – wedding diet : Day One.

Breakfast. It is necessary to take care of myself in the evening and to prepare in advance half a liter of clean water that in the morning, lying in bed, drink it. Best cleansing of the body takes place in a horizontal position.

Fifteen minutes later, you need a drink made from a single glass of milk with a teaspoon of cocoa (a teaspoon of cocoa contains the daily requirement of magnesium) and a teaspoon of honey (honey – a natural sugar).

Lunch. Fifteen minutes before lunch it is recommended to eat a ripe grapefruit (it is a great fat burner), two hundred grams of lean boiled fish or dietary chicken (without the skin), three hundred grams, olive oil, fresh vegetables – low-calorie lunch. Two hours later you can enjoy a three hundred milliliters of fat-free yogurt.

Dinner. Vegetable soup. Ingredients: 1.5 liters of water, 500 g carrots, 500 g tomatoes, 1 kg of leeks, a little cumin seed (great removal of residues). The method of preparation is very simple: you need to finely chop the vegetables, throw them for twenty minutes in boiling water, then drain the broth needed. It should drink three cups every ten minutes. A glass of nonfat yogurt can drink before going to bed.

Second day.

Breakfast. You can drink any juice of two grapefruits or drink of honey and cocoa, which you used on the first day at breakfast.

Lunch. Half a liter of vegetable broth, and three hundred milliliters of fat-free yogurt (you can add a teaspoon of honey).

Dinner. Two hundred grams of chicken or boiled fish, vegetable salad (about three hundred grams). On the second day you need more rest.

Day Three.

Breakfast. Before noon it is necessary to use one liter of carbonated water. Not forbidden to drink half a liter of low-fat yogurt.

Lunch. Dinner third day diet is mainly dairy. Drink low-fat yogurt mixed with honey and low fat cottage cheese (total weight of the mixture should not exceed five hundred grams).

Dinner. Two hundred grams of cooked chicken meat and 300 grams of salad with fresh vegetables.

Already in the evening of the second day, you will notice the result of diet. Size first beef of the stomach is reduced, and you will not be so fast to gain weight. It is very important – do not forget to drink plenty of fluids, two to three liters of water a day. Not less!

Great result to lose weight for the wedding three days to five kilograms! Now, do not be ashamed and go down the aisle! You’re the main thing – to choose the most beautiful wedding dress, for example, here. Wedding Salon Helga has a huge number of wedding and wedding dresses.

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