Soup diet for weight loss

Soup diet What are the benefits of the soup diet. Of all the food used by man, soups best stimulate proper digestion, warm the body, reinforces the healthy intestinal micro flora, normalizing motility in parallel, derive from the body, actively influence the blood circulation and metabolism.

Remarkably, digesting the soup, the body expends more calories than it receives from it in the process of power.

The basic rules of a soup diet.

  • Cook the soup should be either on the water or in the vegetable broth. No need to use potatoes and fat.
  • A large number of cabbage soup will make your best for weight loss. The great difference from other vegetable sprouts that it contains vitamin U and tectonic acid. To stop the conversion of carbohydrates into fats and, as a consequence, the accumulation of excessive weight, it is the main bio-active substance.
  • Continuation of the diet is necessary to drink at least two liters of fluid every day.
  • The diet with the exception of bananas can be administered to fruit, vegetables, 100 grams of lean meat, poultry or fish, herbs, fresh, cooked brown rice.
  • Not under any circumstances can not eat bread, pastries, sweets and alcohol. It’s a soup diet to lose weight!

Recipe for cabbage soup diet

Products: cabbage – 1 \ 2 head of cabbage, onion – 6 pcs., Green pepper – 2 pcs., Celery – 2 pc., Tomatoes – 2 pcs., Pepper, herbs, salt.

Preparation. Pour water cuts vegetables. Season with pepper, salt and cook on high first and then on low heat. Main soup can not digest vegetables needed to maintain a light crunch.

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