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Separate food for weight loss

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Separate foodHealth requires healthy food, and we all love it to be also delicious and varied. The question, how to eat better to modern man, without causing harm to yourself, now increasingly defined. The unequivocal answer to this question does not exist. Proper nutrition for different people is different. But, of course, there are generally accepted norms of a healthy diet.

Separate food diet is just one of the competent food practices. Furthermore, this system and can lose weight, and then fix the result. This principle is simple. Eating monotonous diet, the person will be difficult to overeat. But when there is an abundant table varied food, you can eat more than necessary.

Even this fact is enough to make a choice in favor of a separate food, which can be a way of losing weight. But its use is certainly not limited thereto.

Scientific substantiation method separate meals for weight loss gave the famous scientist, Academician Pavlov. He proved that the body secretes various digestive juices to digest the different types of food. produced under the joint consumption of proteins and carbohydrates require different media: acidic and alkaline. As a result, the medium counteract each other, substantially slowing digestion, which in turn increases the burden on the digestive system.

Sharply reduced and at the same time benefit from the use of food. As a result of incomplete digestion of food becomes fat deposits. Such a state, according to the followers of the teachings of Pavlov, stimulates the development of various kinds of diseases, in particular depression and formation of excess weight. Do not simultaneously use products, the digestion of which requires a different environment, then the food will be absorbed by the body easily and correctly.

Separate food for losing weight requires a specific approach in the choice of foods for weight loss. Foods are divided into three groups – are carbohydrates, proteins and vegetable food. In the gastrointestinal tract proteins undergo cleavage mainly acidic compounds, carbohydrates are broken alkali plant foods digests itself. Fats are combined with both proteins and carbohydrates. The food is similar in chemical composition, completely processed and excreted from the body in two hours.

The correct combination of different products or separate food diet for the first time developed an American doctor Herbert Shelton. By following these rules, you can not only restore health, but also get rid of the extra kilos and acquire natural beauty. To do this, you should know what environment we need to digest the food of different products, which are combined with each other.

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