What Can I Eat in the Evening to Lose Weight?

lose weightAfter many attempts to lose weight, many come to believe that it is time to start losing weight right! On the Internet today is walking the information that can be eaten in the evening. When I read the list of products, hair-raising: dogs, even specify chicken, diet, boiled carrots and beets, canned corn, mushrooms

Where have you seen useful sausages even diet? And boiled beets and carrots, like canned corn a high hypoglycemic index a fast carbs, instant blood sugar and then the reaction of the pancreas! All day she haunted cakes, potatoes, rolls and cookies, and for the night: On, work! As long as you will not earn Type II diabetes.

About mushrooms at night we wrote in the article What harm can cause healthy foods? The second rule: Dinner should be light and easily digested, so you can rest well at night and listen to your stomach or admire nightmares. It can be dried fruit or nuts thoroughly chewed, scrambled eggs, salad from crude carrots with apples or raw beets with walnuts. This salad can be refilled with lemon juice or yogurt, not mayonnaise or oil. Boiled or stewed turkey meat, chicken, fish.

Remember that night we should have a protein to the cells to give a building material for their recovery and division. An excellent and healthy dinner seafood salad with fresh vegetables and herbs. Do not forget about dairy products yogurt, yogurt, warm milk, yogurt or fermented baked milk.

The main thing is that the dinner, it’s always a protein and vegetables, avoid using harmful carbohydrates, fatty, fried, spicy food in the evening, although, of course, if you want not only to lose weight, but always look good, this rule must be observed not only in the evening.

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