Weight Loss Secrets?

Slim secretsNow many trying to unravel of weight loss secrets, but for effective weight loss is necessary to consider three things proper nutrition, exercise and mental attitude. In this article we will talk about the first point about proper nutrition for weight loss. Why are we drawn to the sometimes sweet?

The secret to losing weight is not to skip breakfast, lunch or dinner, reduce the number of calories consumed per day. After all, in most cases it does not work! There is a statement we eat the eyes, and the body is not with it, when we are drawn to the harmful products.

But the fact is that our brain or rather, his department the hypothalamus in the form of entirely different products reacts differently, at a time when he is hungry and when it is full. This is the difference between its response to the low-calorie and high-calorie foods.

Weight Loss Secrets?

After a hearty breakfast, the hypothalamus does not respond to low-calorie foods salads, vegetables or the high calorie sweet pastries, cookies, cakes, chips. But when people skip breakfast, the same part of the brain is buzzing right when he stresses a high-calorie foods, but on a salad almost no reaction. Why is this happening, what’s the secret?

Our brain tries to compensate for feelings of hunger and causes us to eat high-calorie foods. The brain receives a signal that comes from a hormone called hireling the hormone of hunger. It acts at the level of the hypothalamus and causes us to consume more food.

This hormone is produced not only when we miss a meal, but enough sleep and, under stress that’s why a lot of stress when eaten everything and only dream about losing weight. Every time you see the foods rich in calories, your hungry the brain will react to them. Therefore, one of the main secrets of weight loss: do not miss the next meal, because our brain reacts to the famine was very primitive it makes you dream of high-calorie foods. And to deal with this very, very difficult!

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