Strengthens the Back After Giving Birth!

StrengthensMany women who become mothers after after giving birth a while begin to notice that their posture is becoming round shouldered. This is due to a compensatory increase in thoracic psychosis in response to increased lumbar Lordships during pregnancy. If a postpartum woman doesn’t engage in physical exercises of muscle strengthening, weakened and stretched during pregnancy, the bearing cannot change very much for the better.

One of those muscles is the diamond shaped muscle. One such arm is located on the left and the other to the right of the spine. The Rhomboid muscle starts from the vertebral thoracic and cervical and attached to the inner edge of the blade. This muscle blade closer to the spine and is able to tone forms a straight back and good posture.

There are many exercises that involve the muscle. One of the exercises is the extension of the spine on the ball while mixing blades.


So, place the ball under the lower part of the abdomen so that relying on your toes, you can keep the balance. Fold straight arms over his head and shoulders touching the ears, round the back, relaxing the relevant muscles.

From the starting position raise your torso together with arms up and secure position at the top. Then, bending arms at the elbows, try to keep the blades (Photo 2). All movements are done on inspiration and without breath. Then, in the reverse sequence, i.e. straightening the arms, lower torso to the starting position.


From the starting position sitting on the ball connect a maximum hand straight in front of him, round his back, his head down, his chin almost touching his chest and pull the hands forward and back. In this stretched muscles located between the blades. But it is necessary to clarify that do not abuse this exercise since excessive stretch rhomboid muscle leads to poor posture.

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