I Want to Lose Weight Fast and Forever!

 lose weight fast and foreverPeople always Lose weight fast and forever we sought to find someone way to solve absolutely all problems: the Philosopher’s Stone, a perpetual motion machine, the way to lose weight quickly and permanently.

First time having tried some diet and not getting the stable result, many try the second, third, and thus included in a vicious circle: the diet, weight loss, weight gain, and then again a diet, losing weight is much less, weight gain more than before the weight loss, and re-set the weight of the diet, and as a circle. You should not even try diets that promise to lose weight quickly and permanently.

An example of this method of weight loss fast and good – is death from exhaustion, six months later died from anorexia and her sister, also a fashion model, three months later died of exhaustion a Brazilian fashion model Ana Carolina. You should never come to grips with their own bodies! A method of fast and good – not only ineffective, but, in some cases, even dangerous. The positive effect after a dramatic weight loss is long, the extra weight comes back, even multiplying.

But the main problem is that such rapid weight loss – it is always stressful for the body. Side effects of drastic weight loss are long, and many forever sagging skin, brittle nails and dull hair, omission, degeneration of internal organs, neurosis. One of the most effective weight loss recipes – is spending more and consume less energy. The main task – a choice of diet, which can be followed for a long time. When reducing the caloric intake, it is necessary to provide a high nutritional value. Reduce the amount of fat and completely eliminate alcohol and sweets.

several points that need to be removed from his life: Wrong mental attitude. Do not expect instant results – for the health of your body weight reduction is useful to smooth and not jerky, plus or minus. Chart weight loss in each person, and above all, it depends on the health of the whole organism. Begin enjoying what you get started in them, restore their health. If the process is enjoyable, the result is sure to come! Excess salt in the diet – promotes fluid retention.

Fatty foods – fats from food the body fat is easy to lay in store. Alcohol – anything you eat after drinking alcohol, is deposited in fat, especially because alcohol can consume more food and get a lot of extra calories. Sweet – increases the production of insulin and excess insulin is an appetite stimulant and contributes to the accumulation of body fat, and, in the form of internal (visceral) fat.

If you remove the sweetness, then you stop, whip their pancreas to secrete insulin it constantly. And, finally, it disappears, then the most painful feelings of hunger. So forget about ways to lose weight fast and forever. Proper weight loss and maintaining a good weight and good health – that’s the main thing! So take care of yourself and stay healthy!

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