How to Lose Weight without Harm to Health  

 lose weight without harm Many are looking to lose weight quickly, just a few days. Go on a diet, start taking pills, pace yourself in the gym, but how many are looking for a way to lose weight without harm to health? Here are some simple rules for effective weight loss, doing that you will not only be able to adjust its shape, but also gain useful eating habits:

Once awake, drink a glass of clean, boiled water and slightly heated. So you’re doing souls for your body, wash off all that has accumulated inside the bed and start the digestive system, customizing it for breakfast. Always Eat breakfast!

This is what I have already said in a separate article , I do not want to repeat. Drink water throughout the day, many people confuse thirst with hunger and eats the extra calories rather than just drink water.

Water will help you to control how much and what you eat. If you drink a day for at least 2 liters of pure water (for clean water mean water filter or water from Cartesian wells), you are helping your body get rid of stagnant fluid. Eat small portions.

For comfortable stomach to digest food 350 ml, 500 – the rest is not digested in the gut, and there is unrest. Try to eat as little as possible is not worth it if you ever starve yourself to lose weight without harm to health is unlikely, but stress to the body will increase. Try to eat every three and a half hours – your stomach will tell you thank you!.

5-6 meals help to lose weight faster than the usual three meals. Furthermore, this will prevent feelings of hunger and spikes glucose and insulin levels. To speed up the metabolism, as it is often necessary to have a bite, as I wrote in the article What snacks help to lose weight?

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