How to Lose Weight Ten kg Per Month

 lose weight ten kgThe goal to lose weight ten kg in one month is almost Utopian, but not impossible, depending on your physical state departure and the sacrifices that you are willing to do.  And certainly easier to lose weight 5 pounds in a month, we talked about it widely known and appreciated in 10 golden rules to lose 5 kg in a month.

Also dietitians advise against losing more than 1.5 kg a week, otherwise your body may be affected, but the goal of disposing of as many as 10 pounds in a single month can be reached safely, but only if you have the requirements described in this article. Let’s focus now on a standardized methodology for rapid weight loss and effective.

Five the minimum that you should have to get real results:

  • You need to be overweight or obesity status.
  • You do not have diet-related diseases Bulimia.
  • You must be psychologically serene.
  • You should start exercising to be linked to diet.
  • Commitment, perseverance and determination to be your new keywords.

Now instead we list the 5 main rules always be respected:

Do not skip meals, your body does not make fun with shortcuts, you’ll get the opposite effect. And do not rely on supplements or snacks, magic, because not a substitute for meals.

Crew foods at equal calories without varying quantities. Think positive, do not weigh yourself with dissatisfaction, but you believe in achieving the goal. Check hunger pangs nervous taking always have a salad with raw vegetables Carrots, celery, fennel.

Avoid fried foods and overly fatty.

Now that you know exactly how to behave and that mentality you have to keep during the month of diet, you are ready to start. Remember that you should get a very specific amount of calories per day, in order to allow both the weight loss, but also taking all the nutrients and energy necessary. This calculation alone and create your own unique nutrition plan precise and detailed in the house, but every organization has specific needs and characteristics, therefore, not to take risks and to identify the right diet, we recommend a consultation with a professional dietitian.

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