Fitness for Housewives

FitnessIn most cases, a housewife a woman who combines several professions and cleaner, and Dishwasher, and responsible for the availability of products in the fridge for which still need to go to the store and back home with very heavy bags, prepared from the extracted products something walks, wash dishes, wash the laundry, pat, and so-forth. Women elected housework, carries on his fragile shoulders the whole burden of housekeeping.

At the end of the working day all back pain. And the only desire that haunts like a hallucination, but rather takes a nap. For fitness and has neither the time nor the energy.

And some believe that fitness in general in this situation is not necessary, since the exercise and so is more than enough. However, employment fitness not only useful, but also just needed in such cases. Since purposeful strengthening muscles require certain means and methods of influence on them.

Fitness for House wives

Today we offer an exercise to strengthen the muscles of the back and arms, the muscles that are most often used in the campaigns for shopping in the absence of cars and any other assistance. This will require a rubber gripper.

Take the starting position: standing on the mat, one leg is front and slightly bent, and the other back, straightened and the whole foot is on the floor. The abdominal muscles and back muscles tense, his head are straight. By foot located in front is one end of a rubber expandera, the other end is held by hand, bowed down

From the starting position, exhale, first boil the blade and then hand holding gripper, carried him to thrust belt, with the elbow slightly bent. Is bent at the elbow, the more load is shifted to the arm muscles. Then, on the lower arm first breath, and then dilute the scapula.

In the first classes fatigue should occur between 15-20 repetitions. Then fatigue should occur between 10-15 repetitions to achieve this can be folded rubber band in two or three layers.

Follow the first 2-3 and then 3-4 approach and avoid severe burning pain during exercise. Otherwise, the muscles may slightly increase in volume, which is not always beneficial to women.

In the breaks between sets is useful to stretch the back muscles. To do this, from the initial position – in a standing position, feet shoulder width apart, bend one leg and lift the eponymous hand to eye level, slightly bent at the elbow. Take a bent arm by the wrist and pull it forward and diagonal, gently rounded back. Hold for 5-15 seconds and return to starting position. Just stretch other muscles.

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