Do you Want to Lose Weight by Drink Water?

lose weightI think that many Does the water to lose weight of those who are reading this article, I have tried a variety of medications, diet, techniques and methods, trying to lose weight, but did not get that result, for which tried so hard.

I also think that you’ve heard about the benefits of water, and probably wondered: Does the water to lose weight?. Today, you really get a handle on this question, and I’ll help you with this.

Physicians have long been established that the use of liquid improves the metabolism in the body – all metabolic processes occurring in the aquatic environment. Improved metabolism and helps more properly absorb nutrients and fewer toxins to accumulate as fat.A newborn baby is out of the water by 90%, adult – 70-80%, the person who dies of old age – 55%. The aging of the body – is drying up. Throughout life, we gradually unlearn drink water, replacing it with juice, fruit, tea, coffee, soda water.

But we are not my head compote, and soups are not my floor, and try to pour the coffee into the aquarium with fish – the poor fish. Paradoxically, all living beings on our planet drinking water, and only a person can say, I do not like the water. How much longer do we hear and understand your body, what it really needs to be fit and healthy!

As water helps to lose weight

To understand this question, you need to understand how the mechanism of weight loss. Fats form in the body by burning energy and endogenous water (water that is produced during the metabolism). Energy sustains life in the body and is involved in all the processes of life, and endogenous water, we do not need. When this water is derived from our body, and the process of weight loss. If in the inter cellular space of pure water is not enough, the cell retains water inside, so if you drink insufficient fluid, endogenous water remains, and to lose weight you are unlikely to succeed.

In our brain centers of thirst and hunger are located close to each other, and many people often confuse thirst with desire to snack-button lint. Conduct an experiment: when you want to eat, have a drink of water when ten minutes later still hungry, so really it’s time to eat Sometimes, due to just a couple of sips of clean water, you can avoid the extra calories that will really help you lose weight.

How much water should you drink?

Calculation of the water is very simple for beginner’s thirty millilitres per kilogram of body weight, the physiological norm of 40 millilitres of water per 1 kg. That is, if your weight is now 70 kg, your rate of water – 2.1-2,8 liters a day. Weight decreases, respectively, and also water. When heavy physical activities and summer the water you need to drink much more. For children above the norm yet, so never forbade his children to drink water, so that they then do not have to like you, to accustom yourself again to the water. Stop them drink juice, soda and compotes – no use of them, only one injury!

The body will only accept clean, un boiled, non-carbonated water. All other liquid – not water, and food. Water to drink throughout the day in small sips. For 30 minutes before a meal, we do not drink water during meals and do not drink water after eating, at least 30 minutes we do not drink the water. All the rest of the water we drink is necessary.

What to do if you want, all the same, drink food, I’ll tell you in a separate article. So, I hope I was able to convey to you, helps you lose weight water, how it does it, and you are right now, he has started reading my article, drink water.  If you have not already, it’s time to start to drink the water!

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