Seven reasons why we do not manage to lose weight

lose weightThere are several reasons why despite your not low one gram efforts, here are seven reasons why you could sneak happening. When you feel that your favorite pants is about to give you know it’s time to diet or improve your diet and do some exercise.

So you start to eat better, you change the heavy little salad dishes and take more water daily to lose weight those couple of kilos you have more.

With this in mind, we leave a list of seven reasons why you do not lose weight.

  • Do not drink water. It is the typical advice, but it is also the most common reason why your body is not changing. In addition to hydrate, when we drink water regularly, help the body eliminate everything that does not need. It also helps us control food portions, to fill faster.
  • You only do cardio. If you spend hours on the treadmill but never lift a weight you are missing an important part of the exercise. Lifting weights helps prevent injuries and strengthen joints. It also helps you to increase muscle mass and speed up metabolism.
  • Too much healthy food. Walnuts, avocado, pasta, olive oil and dark chocolate are examples of natural and healthy food, but like it or do not have many calories. It is important that you measure your consumption.
  • Do not sleep enough. Make time to go to exercise it means less sleep. If you want to lose weight it is important that your body is satisfied in that respect. You need extra energy for exercise routine as you do not get enough sleep your body loses the ability to control appetite.
  • Do not short of food. Something as simple as cutting food can help you eat less and feel satisfied faster. Undoubtedly, cut food into mini squares could seem childish, but studies show that humans feel more satisfied when we eat smaller portions.
  • Your child does not help you. When you try to lead a healthier life, it is helpful couple you join the trip. When it is not so this could be because they do not lose weight. Let’s face it, how are we going to lose weight with a boyfriend-husband who loves pizza? It is important to talk to him and explain the situation in which you are to share your new lifestyle or so away temptations.
  • Stand in front of the refrigerator or on the kitchen table to eat is not something that saves time and energy, on the contrary leads to uncontrolled eating. We recommend that you assign a time and a place outside the kitchen for snacks.

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