Seven interfere with hormones affecting weight

hormones weightAre The hormones affecting weight you that can provoke strong appetite hormones that are produced in our body? When we are hungry, to influence this feeling is impossible, because the organism it fought against us! The endocrine system includes the glands that produce hormones that affect the function of cells and organs, the metabolism and, of course, hormones affecting weight.

*Cortisol – a stress hormone. That is, many people it enhances appetite during stress, and decreases the metabolic rate.We can say that this hormone saves the body from loss of energy during stress. If you cannot avoid stress, the one thing that in this case you can do to take comfort sweet, is to find a way to relax, the best for this fit: yoga, breathing exercises, dancing, meditation.

*Estrogen – a female hormone that is the reason that young women fat mainly deposited in the lower part of the body, and both men and women after menopause – in the abdomen. Lack of estrogen leads to the fact that the body begins its search in fat cells, which promotes fat accumulation. For the production of estrogen needed minerals such as boron, but it comes from foods, it is very small, so the level of estrogen in the blood decreases.

 *Adrenaline – another hormone that influences weight. It is secreted in the body during the excitation, increases metabolism, helps to break down fat and the release of energy therefrom. It is due to the adrenaline in your body temperature rises and actively burn energy reserves. The adrenaline suppresses appetite. Unfortunately, the greater the weight, the less a person produces this hormone.

*Thyroid hormones – hormones that are produced by the thyroid gland. If they are not enough, the weight begins to grow steadily. For normal thyroid needs iodine, selenium and copper. They can be obtained by eating iodine-containing supplements, vitamins and minerals, or supplements containing algae. This video explains the three most important hormones that affect our weight, how they affect the appetite, hunger and satiety, as well as contribute to the accumulation of body fat:

I would add that it is cooked vegetables, such as carrots and beets do have a high glycemic index, so it is generally desirable to eliminate from your diet. In most cases the hormones influencing the weight can be controlled completely without hormonal drugs. To do this, you must change your lifestyle and diet, start to apply mineral, vitamin complexes, as well as fatty acids. Do not let feelings of hunger, drink more water and eat the evening meal that contains protein and fiber, then you do not want to in the morning to look in the fridge. Well, of course, move more!

You say, So much to do! Indeed, all at once would be difficult to change, but start to do anything, just take the first step, and all other steps will be much easier to do. Well, I, in turn, will prompt you, and what to do next in order to regain their health and make your figure a, of which you dream. So, subscribe to receive new articles on my blog, so that nothing is missed.

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