Lose weight after 50 years

Lose weightAbout a healthy lifestyle, many people are thinking right now, especially after 50 years. At this age, women are a lot of diseases is hormonal changes the body, begin a weight problem. And the woman thinks: but really there and, most importantly, how to lose weight after 50 years?

How to regain his waist and slender? Indeed, many experts say that losing weight at this age is very difficult. However, it is possible to lose weight if you follow a few simple rules:

Forget about restrictive diets!

Most diets are designed for rapid loss of extra kilos, which is not only harmful to women over 50 years, but for a young girl. After the stress of the body takes a long time to recover, and such a diet – a spring effect – first dropped and then scored, scored, scored 1.5 times more! Moreover, with age, our skin loses its elasticity, flexibility, and rapid weight loss contributes to sagging skin, the appearance of new wrinkles, visual aging women.

There are small portions five to six times a day

Our body is able to process and absorb about 250 grams of food at one time. If you eat frequent small meals, your digestive system will tell you Thank you so much, and for her to join, and the endocrine system. In this way, you can speed up your metabolism and start burning those extra kilos.

Restrict the most favorite treat both children and adults sweets

From them, too, have to give up, for that matter, of all chur fat, flour, salted, smoked, marinades, home preservation. Well, about this until I had a lot to say, I will not disappoint you further on this subject. I think that people after 50 years of striving to somehow start to lose weight, understand that sweetness does well it will not help with this.

What foods help lose weight? The body is not hungry and getting all necessary materials, it is important to choose a complex of vitamins and minerals. Increase in the diet of vegetables, fruits and seafood. If the bread is whole grain, without yeast, bran, if pasta is made ​​from durum wheat, whole grains, dried fruits, dairy products, eggs no more than 2-4 units a week, cooked boiled, lean meat, mushrooms, legumes, soy tofu.

Well, if you really like sweets, it is better to eat a piece of dark chocolate, which contains cocoa beans, more than 70%, – it has a lot of calories, but low on the glycemic index (this will be discussed in detail in another article). Just remember: a piece! Start drinking more tap water without gas each day and you will notice how your body responds to a long-awaited your care about him! Without enough water every day, you do not lose weight, no matter how you pace yourself hunger and exercises.

Water and quench false hunger, and bring toxins from the body, normalizes the digestive system, help restore health, improve metabolism and normalizes blood sugar. The rules for beginners: 30 milliliters of pure water (the well, filtered, structured, from artesian wells – someone like that) per kilogram of body weight. Just do not try to drink water daily norm here and now, there will be swelling and water will turn up.

If you do not drink water at all, start with a small amount every day add a little bit to get out for a month at a rate, and, most importantly, drink frequent, fractional sips throughout the day. On the water, I’ll tell you in more detail in a future article.

It’s time to forget about the Three  ottoman, slippers, TV. Fat begins to burn 31 minutes of intense exercise (you can do the exercises at least, that we were taught in school), swimming, intense walk, but not run. If the daily walks in the fresh air in the amount of 10,000 steps, the perfect figure and excellent health, as well as the mood you provided!

One last tip: patience, patience and again patience are stored surpluses for a long time, eating habits rooted firmly in his mind, rebuilt will be the first time is very difficult. But if you really want to, how to lose weight after 50 years, with no problem, now you know. Follow these simple rules and be healthy!

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