How to remove the stomach

Slim StomacHow to remove the stomach: a simple system for the newly-fledged mom What woman does not want to have a beautiful tightened figure after pregnancy and childbirth? To the press, and it has been available, and the back has remained girlish slim?  Such women are admirable, especially when you see them with a horde of children on the beach. During pregnancy with fetal growth rectums abdominal apart. Internal organs intestines, bladder – with each month of pregnancy experienced more stress and fall down, changing its natural position.

 Our task – to return all the organs in its place and to help closing the rectums muscles. It is a mistake to think that abdominal exercises can help regain a flat stomach. In fact, such exercises in the postpartum period, even contraindicated. And well just turn poses and exercises are performed lying on your side or back.

Ideally, all by itself will return to its place in 3-4 months. But after the second pregnancy given it more and more difficult. It is therefore important time to make the effort for the recovery period coincided with the beginning of your training. Immediately after giving birth, in the lower abdomen is still a lot of space – and rushes to the gut, squeezing the uterus with the vagina. That is why nutrition, mother in the first months should be easily digestible, in any case, do not overeat, so as not to exacerbate the pressure on the authorities.  After delivery, many women begin to suffer from hemorrhoids, constipation, prolapse of the uterus appears.

And the reason is the same – the intestine during pregnancy has shifted downwards, as slack in the hammock. And now it compresses the organs that no longer function properly, blood circulation in them and there are congested.  And if not closed straight abdominal muscles and stomach sticks out like a ball – the intestine, and is in no hurry to return to his seat. All this can be avoided and the coveted press and after the fourth pregnancy – if you follow the rules and are properly connected load, strengthens the muscles of the abdomen.

These are quite simple exercises can fulfill any woman. Make them regularly, morning and evening. It is important to make the complex on an empty stomach. It is best suited for this early in the morning, after a walk before dinner and evening – before going to bed (after a meal should be at least 2 hours). The complex consists of 9 exercises for 3 sets each (except for massage and relaxation), which will take 20 minutes of your time.

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