How to reduce appetite folk remedies?

folk remediesWhen slimming how to reduce appetite folk remedies Sit on a diet, most are wondering: How to reduce appetite?, And it would be good folk remedies, because that offers the official medicine, has many contraindications. Only your personal dietitian can suggest whether to use one or the other drug. What today is safe from drugs, so it is preparations containing the seeds of the South American vines and prickly pear cactus.

Help to reduce appetite and preparations containing chromium.In order to naturally reduce appetite, it is necessary to understand its causes.

The most common ones. The habit of overeating, which is most often formed in childhood, when my mother and especially her grandmother their child, believing that chubby cheeks and body, like the body of a Shar Pei – a sign of health. Blubbered poor children in whom cram semolina. not realizing that semolina, actually does more harm than good. Stretched stomach requires a lot more food.

Fans need to eat once and for all to understand why they live (or eat). Remember the phrase: There are in order to live or live in order to have? In order to reduce the size of the stomach there is (as always) two ways: a radical, but a quick – operation and gentle, but slow – a gradual reduction in the size of the servings before your two hands, cupped.

Jamming stress – often the body responds to the excessive excitement of adrenaline, which inhibits the secretion of digestive juices and acts on the part of the brain, head appetite. Those who happens this, your appetite disappears completely during times of stress, but if the system is compromised, then everything is exactly the opposite: there to resist that there is no way.

Folk remedies for reducing appetite

These herbs like nettle, Salvia officinalis, dry sagebrush, knot-grass can be brewed in a proportion: the nettle and wormwood (one teaspoon), knot-grass (two tablespoons) and sage (one tablespoon), it all pour a glass of boiling water, let it brew broth, strain, and then take 50 grams. Linseed oil, gently enveloping wall of the stomach, thereby reducing appetite. It can be added to cereal and salads.

Wheat bran – is the leader in reducing appetite. You can make a decoction: pour a liter of boiling water bran and warm for 15 minutes. Take a decoction 2-3 times a day. There is also a recipe a few cloves of garlic mash, pour a glass of boiled water at room temperature and allow to stand for one day. Eat before eating one tablespoon. Corn silk, are sold in the form of a decoction or infusion. Take the opening before each meal 1-2 tablespoons.

Celery chops, pour boiling water and boil in water bath. Strain, dilute it with water and take 100 grams before each meal. Yogurt or green tea, drunk before the meal to help reduce appetite. Foods appetite suppressants also include apples and fresh apple juice. But most importantly, if you want to reduce your appetite, you must acquire good habits in eating habits.

Loss of appetite

You should not skip meals, and prevent hunger, then saturate the raging appetite is much more complicated. Train yourself to eat at the same time, then the body will be ready in due time secretes digestive juices, and not when he wants.Remember that very often we confuse hunger with thirst. Take a few sips of water and watch for are: If after 10 minutes you still want to eat, it’s time to really eat.

Eat big salads they are visually increasing the amount of food on the plate, but does not bring unnecessary calories. Take the time to swallow food, because the feeling of fullness comes quickly. Slow chewing food will not only help to better absorb food, but also quickly feel satiety.

As you can see, in fact, very easy to reduce the appetite and folk remedies available to change their eating habits. It remains only to start doing it!

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