How to lose weight with the help of chopsticks

How to lose weight with chopsticksIn Asian people eat with special sticks. They have their own philosophy of power, which is the main principle ,the need to quickly prepare and eat slowly. The Chinese believe that using chopsticks, you can feel all the subtleties of taste of food. Since the unusual cutlery to take a big piece does not work, as long it helps to really enjoy chewing food. No wonder the Japanese diet is very popular, because as a chance to overeat using sticks is not so great.

The famous American writer Eileen Daspin proposed a very interesting way to lose weight – not the entire liquid food there with the help of Chinese chopsticks. If we abandon the use of spoons, forks and knives and live by the principle: You can try everything, but almost nothing to eat, then on the extra pounds will not have to worry at all.

Today the huge popularity of Chinese food, all kinds of sushi, rolls, etc. But few people use chopsticks for eating other foods more familiar, and for good reason. Because the rods are not obtained at the same time grab a lot of food that can not be said about the spoons and forks, food is a lot to chew, and thus rapidly assimilated. Also it proved slower than a person eats, the faster it becomes saturated. And it is no secret, the less you eat, the less fat to be postponed on the sides.

Many nutritionists believe that chopsticks diet positively affect the consciousness. Thanks to them, people tune in eating and focuses on the process. In the east, people eat using chopsticks everything except the soup, and then you can start to eat well. By the way for the first dishes served a special porcelain spoon that has a short handle and a flat bottom.

Many believe that it is impossible to have rice with chopsticks, but it is not so. Properly cooked rice that is oriental, it turns out quite sticky and eat it quite convenient. To learn to freely controlled by chopsticks do not need special talents. It should be a little practice, you can easily wield the instrument without losing on the road food.

If you still do not know how to hold the sticks, our step by step guide will certainly help:

One rod must be secured with the help of the thumb and index finger, and the other bend so tightly against the second phalanx of the middle finger. As a result, the rod should not move during the meal. Another stick pads, take your thumb and forefinger. It should move up and down with your index finger. Now try to take some food, fix it between the sticks and, without moving them, take food into your mouth. Do not be discouraged if at first you did not work, a bit of practice and all is well.

In addition, if after a huge amount of training you have it never happened, do not worry, because now you can buy the so-called educational sticks, which are connected by a rubber band, use them very easily.

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