How to get rid of 200 calories per hour?

Weight LoseHow to get rid of 200 calories per hour? The long-awaited spring – summer time picnics and together, we often gladden your stomach is very tasty, fatty and not very dietetic food. But so you do not gain extra pounds, try to burn some calories before the event, spending it at least an hour.

Many women for the sake of the figure forced to abandon rich, high-calorie meals and snacks outdoors. And most of those who still decided to give free rein to his appetite, then carefully loaded themselves exercise. But it is much easier to pre-prepare the body for the feast, little by releasing it to the new place of calories, first getting rid of the old. Moreover, it can be done even before a significant event.

Here, for example, a few tips on how to easily lose 200 calories per hour:

* Upstairs

Just go up the stairs. If you live in a high-rise building, forget for a moment the elevator. Just 30 minutes walk up the stairs, and your body will be less than 200 calories.

* Biking

The same amount of time required for burning 200 calories, if you ride a bike for half an hour. It is not necessary for this method to use this bike – you can use an exercise bike, setting it speed 15-20 km / h.


This is an effective and very positive way to burn extra calories. Turn on your favorite music and dance vigorously for 40 minutes. This method can be practiced with your family, bringing to him children. You both will drop to 200 calories and spend a pleasant time with your loved ones.


15 minutes is enough to jump rope, to achieve the desired result. Jumping can improve mood. You will feel the adrenaline fills your body. Jumping rope – a great way for women who do not intend to spend much time on exercise and want to get the same effect that after a great workout.


Bowling for an hour burns the right amount of calories. It is interesting to adults and children, so before the upcoming picnic or a party go to the nearest mall and enjoy communication with your family, dropping the extra calories and kilos from his waist.

*Circuit Training

During her regular aerobic exercise combined with the power to make all parts of the body. You do not have to train too hard, because the goal here – not to gain muscle mass and maintain in good shape the entire body. Suffice it to 10-15 perform exercises for all parts of the body and repeat a range of 2-3 times, resting for 30 seconds. To burn about 200 calories, you will be enough only 20 minutes of such activities.

*An active walk in the fresh air

Let it be sports, walking or jogging. Being a great way to burn calories, running gives a burst of energy for the whole day. 25 minutes jogging or 45 minutes walk easily save you 200 calories and fill your day with positive emotions.

*The game of tennis

For 25 minutes of active play tennis burns 218 calories already. But it really should be an intense game, not lazy throws balls to one side.


 If you have the opportunity to visit the pool in the morning – it’s wonderful. Swim for half an hour, you will quickly lose 215 calories. Besides swimming – a great way to exercise the muscles of the body. It helps to cope with the problem of aching joints.

*Basic training

The half-hour basic training is able to burn about 200 calories. It includes terrific exercise – jogging in place, sit-ups, pushups and so on. Such training should be carried out not only on the eve of the festive event or a party, but every day. And then the weight will not be an unsolvable problem for you. Naturally, any party must not result in uncontrolled gluttony for you, otherwise there is no method of burning calories does not help get rid of the weight you dialed.

 You always have to eat in moderation, however, as the alcohol-containing drinks. Modern women among the many challenges and responsibilities, while not easy to find even a half-hour workout. But they always find time to do the daily household duties – cleaning the house, taking care of the vegetable garden or the garden and so on.

These daily tasks may also be converted into a useful way to burn calories. To do this, you must move more actively, performing each movement vigorously. For example, snow shoveling or digging beds for half an hour burns 200 calories the same as jumping rope or a game of bowling.

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