How to burn calories

burn calories go slimIn the process of weight loss it is very important to move actively. After all, how many burn calories need your body it depends on how much you can use most of these calories. The objective of most dieters is more burn calories than consumed. The problem is that today our energy consumption decreased significantly compared to our ancestors.

If earlier the average man had to consume 5,000 calories, and a woman – 4000, today these figures are halved. It turns out that we have food and drink half. If we reduce the amount of food we will get half the nutrients (and this against the background of the fact that the product is now much less of these substances contained), and this will have another problem – cell starvation.

Hungry cells – weak cells. With these cells, health can not speak, and the cellular hunger often pushes us to find food containing empty calories. Vicious circle. What to do? Any food can and should be (5-6 times a day), making sure, of course, the quality of the food, but may yield many will simply increase energy costs. Moreover, you can calculate how many calories you burn during a specific activity, given its weight.

For many people, living a modern life, TV remote control and computer mouse – almost the only physical activity during the day. With age, the absence of a sufficient amount of physical activity, the muscles begin to deteriorate, turning into body fat.You will for example photo cells of two women of the same weight and height on the left you can see the cell of a young woman, to the right – the elderly. Tanned – a muscle, white – it’s fat tissue:

How many calories are burned

Losing muscle mass, we are accelerating the aging process, begin to develop chronic diseases, there is a weakness, leaving the vital energy. According to research, the level of premature mortality among those who lead an active life in the 1.2-2.0 times lower than that of those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

How to burn calories

Just a couple of words for those who have just decided to actively engage in their health and figure and chooses to undertake any kind of physical activity to burn calories:

Rule 1: The gradual. Do not force the issue, especially those affected adolescents and young men, which causes disturbances in the cardiovascular system.

Rule 2: Systematic. Do not jump from one class to another, it will tire you more than the physical activity itself.

Rule 3: Rhythm. Monitor your heart rate, if he reached 130 blows, stop, take a rest.

Rule 4: Correct drinking regime! Water can be (and should be drunk) constantly. Drink water before exercise, during exercise and after. On norms of the water, I wrote, you can go to the link and read.

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