Herbs for safe weight loss

weight lossLately Many people, especially women, are interested in, what are the herbs for safe and effective weight loss? Today, every second woman worried about her weight, even those who like and do not need to lose weight and some would say that they gain a couple of kilos would not hurt!, Experience as they would lose 3-5 extra kilos? Yes, even that it was safe for health and not expensive.

Nature has created for us an excellent means – herbs that can help improve not only the shape but also cleanses the body of toxins, restore and improve health. Because herbal weight loss is now interested in everyone who asks, How to lose weight?. Herbs for weight loss can be divided into 5 types:

Decreased appetite – temporarily reduce the feeling of hunger, due to swelling in the stomach, and grass, coating the stomach lining, which slows down the digestive process. These include flax seeds, oat bran, angelica, algae, spirulina and kelp, licorice root, Garcinia Cambodian, nettle (not recommended for pregnant women – can trigger contractions), burdock root, marshmallow root, gum acacia and gum, fennel.

Natural laxatives – clean the intestines and restore the gastrointestinal tract, piles of fecal output (it is known that 30 years a person can earn up to 8-10 kg of fecal stones!). These include the bark of buckthorn, zhoster Pourchot, senna leaf, star anise, licorice, rhubarb, caraway seeds, flax seeds.

Diuretics – derive excess liquid, toxins and wastes from the body, heals the kidneys: alfalfa, field horsetail, cranberry leaves, burdock, bear abalone, fennel. In this case, you must consult your doctor, because uncontrolled admission fees diuretics can lead to dehydration, because, to begin with, increasing the number of drunk raw or filtered water to 2 liters a day.

Improves digestion, liver and gall bladder: apples, pumpkin and plum (they contain pectin, which unloads the body of harmful substances), milk thistle, corn silk, dandelion and everlasting. Herbs that stimulate the metabolism and burning calories: ginger, rosemary, turmeric, lemongrass, Siberian ginseng and ginseng. However, these plants have a side effect – they increase your appetite.

The main thing to remember that the fanatical attitude to anything not lead to anything good. In each individual case, some herbs for weight loss have contraindications, and therefore it is necessary to pay attention to the fees that you will be taking. And yet, we all know that the quality of the collected herbs depends on the result, because the select high-quality grass, if in doubt, it is better not to take, no matter what goal you are pursuing: health improvement or weight loss.

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