Causes of Childhood Obesity

Childhood ObesityCauses of childhood obesity has become rampant. According to WHO, in 2010 about 40 million. Children under 5 years of age suffer from obesity. In the CIS over the past 30 years the number of children suffering from obesity has increased at three times, notably in big cities, where every 4th child is overweight. The problem is that most parents are still considered That chubby cheeks, arms and legs a sign of the proper development of the child and his or her health.

How many of you still their children gruel? Or is it a favorite eating a spoon for mom, for dad.? While not all day, because you will not leave the table.

It’s called food abuse. Healthy child eats as much as his body needs for proper development. Infants need to be fed by the regime: six daily feedings and one night. And the behavior of the young mother with a baby? Once the baby starts to cry, they’ll give him the breast or bottle.

The kid stopped, and Mom came to the conclusion that the child is hungry, and next time it will go the same way, trying to calm him down. The child unconditional sucking reflex, and it will still suck, hungry or not. But the habit of seizing stress and discomfort remains. Infants your diet: they have to eat six times during the day and once at night. If weight gain exceeds three kilograms in the first three months – it says overfed.

It is in the first year of life, obesity originates. Second period – 5-6 years, and the third – the period of puberty. Childhood obesity is dangerous because fatty tissue to synthesize the female hormones that affect the formation of a child’s improper hormonal. In boys, it contributes to underdevelopment of secondary male sexual characteristics in girls leads to early puberty. And that, and another in the future facing infertility.

In children, obesity increases the risk of diseases such as hypertension, early atherosclerosis, diabetes, there are problems with the spine and joints, there is a fatty liver, which can lead to cirrhosis. For an endocrinologist obesity – is the risk of diabetes of the second type. People who become ill with it till 18 years, in most cases, do not live up to 50 years. But many parents believe that their child has a little, a lot of moves, but just swollen.

Begin blame hormones, genetic predisposition really happens is that the child is not eating brake, but it occurs in 1% of cases. All the reasons are the lack of food culture in the family. Genetic predisposition can be adjusted physical exercise – is the specificity of these genes.

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