An easy way to make a slim waist

Thin FigureSlim waist can almost every woman, and it does not need to do surgery to remove the ribs. There are simple and effective exercises for the slim waist, which can be regularly and get things done.The main thing is not to overdo it, if you have a waist with no big problems, do not try to make it even less, so you can build muscle too, which will only increase the volume of your waist.

Warm up for all groups of abdominal muscles:

Stand straight, draw the maximum and expiatory abdomen stick out as much as possible, trying to do it as quickly as possible as professional belly dancing.

Stand straight, feet set apart by a width of 20-30 centimeters. Please follow the one-way circular motion body, and then the other.

Is inclined forward, palms touching the floor, then the left and then the right foot.

Twist a few minutes drive health (the so-called metal simulator), if you have one.

Exercise for delicate slim waist – the upper abdominal muscles:

Lie on your back and legs bent, lift your heels off the floor. Hands are place at the head or along the body – it does not give you help them during breaching exercises. Lift the entire body 10-15 times so that the upper back raised from the floor up. First-time exercise to do 4-6 times, then it is possible to increase.

Exercise for delicate waist – in the top and center of the abdomen:

Stand up, put his feet as much as possible, bending slightly at the knees. Bowie follow a sharp move forward, straining buttocks. Returning to the starting position and relax. Do repetitions to 20 times at regular intervals.

Exercise for delicate waist – the central and lower abdominal muscles:

Lie on the floor, legs bent, lift your head and legs. Holding hands on the knees, pull them over, with the legs make the return force. First time spend in this position for about five minutes, even if the body gets used to the stress.

Straighten your body, then repeat the exercise, arms and legs should have a tangible resistance to each other.After this exercise, do the following: keep your upper body on the floor with crossed legs lift up, put your hands so that you can draw your elbows on the floor and hands to support your back. Pull the leg as high as possible. The exercise is performed up to ten times.

Exercise for delicate slim waist – the muscles on the side:

The most difficult – is to remove fat from this very problematic area, with sides. Do not expect immediate results, just follow these exercises, and know what the effect will be required. Lie on your back, hands not to help yourself, put them along the body. Bend your legs, put your right foot on top of the left. Lift the body, turning to the left as far as possible. Return to the starting position. Then change legs and do the exercise with the rotation already on the other side. Perform 7-10 times.

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