Seven interfere with hormones affecting weight

hormones weightAre The hormones affecting weight you that can provoke strong appetite hormones that are produced in our body? When we are hungry, to influence this feeling is impossible, because the organism it fought against us! The endocrine system includes the glands that produce hormones that affect the function of cells and organs, the metabolism and, of course, hormones affecting weight.

*Cortisol – a stress hormone. That is, many people it enhances appetite during stress, and decreases the metabolic rate.We can say that this hormone saves the body from loss of energy during stress. If you cannot avoid stress, the one thing that in this case you can do to take comfort sweet, is to find a way to relax, the best for this fit: yoga, breathing exercises, dancing, meditation. Continue reading “Seven interfere with hormones affecting weight”

Herbs for safe weight loss

weight lossLately Many people, especially women, are interested in, what are the herbs for safe and effective weight loss? Today, every second woman worried about her weight, even those who like and do not need to lose weight and some would say that they gain a couple of kilos would not hurt!, Experience as they would lose 3-5 extra kilos? Yes, even that it was safe for health and not expensive.

Nature has created for us an excellent means – herbs that can help improve not only the shape but also cleanses the body of toxins, restore and improve health. Because herbal weight loss is now interested in everyone who asks, How to lose weight?. Herbs for weight loss can be divided into 5 types: Continue reading “Herbs for safe weight loss”

Lose weight after 50 years

Lose weightAbout a healthy lifestyle, many people are thinking right now, especially after 50 years. At this age, women are a lot of diseases is hormonal changes the body, begin a weight problem. And the woman thinks: but really there and, most importantly, how to lose weight after 50 years?

How to regain his waist and slender? Indeed, many experts say that losing weight at this age is very difficult. However, it is possible to lose weight if you follow a few simple rules: Continue reading “Lose weight after 50 years”

Causes of Childhood Obesity

Childhood ObesityCauses of childhood obesity has become rampant. According to WHO, in 2010 about 40 million. Children under 5 years of age suffer from obesity. In the CIS over the past 30 years the number of children suffering from obesity has increased at three times, notably in big cities, where every 4th child is overweight. The problem is that most parents are still considered That chubby cheeks, arms and legs a sign of the proper development of the child and his or her health.

How many of you still their children gruel? Or is it a favorite eating a spoon for mom, for dad.? While not all day, because you will not leave the table. Continue reading “Causes of Childhood Obesity”

How to reduce appetite folk remedies?

folk remediesWhen slimming how to reduce appetite folk remedies Sit on a diet, most are wondering: How to reduce appetite?, And it would be good folk remedies, because that offers the official medicine, has many contraindications. Only your personal dietitian can suggest whether to use one or the other drug. What today is safe from drugs, so it is preparations containing the seeds of the South American vines and prickly pear cactus.

Help to reduce appetite and preparations containing chromium.In order to naturally reduce appetite, it is necessary to understand its causes. Continue reading “How to reduce appetite folk remedies?”

An easy way to make a slim waist

Thin FigureSlim waist can almost every woman, and it does not need to do surgery to remove the ribs. There are simple and effective exercises for the slim waist, which can be regularly and get things done.The main thing is not to overdo it, if you have a waist with no big problems, do not try to make it even less, so you can build muscle too, which will only increase the volume of your waist.

Warm up for all groups of abdominal muscles:

Stand straight, draw the maximum and expiatory abdomen stick out as much as possible, trying to do it as quickly as possible as professional belly dancing. Continue reading “An easy way to make a slim waist”

How to burn calories

burn calories go slimIn the process of weight loss it is very important to move actively. After all, how many burn calories need your body it depends on how much you can use most of these calories. The objective of most dieters is more burn calories than consumed. The problem is that today our energy consumption decreased significantly compared to our ancestors.

If earlier the average man had to consume 5,000 calories, and a woman – 4000, today these figures are halved. It turns out that we have food and drink half. If we reduce the amount of food we will get half the nutrients (and this against the background of the fact that the product is now much less of these substances contained), and this will have another problem – cell starvation. Continue reading “How to burn calories”

Flat stomach in four steps

Flat stomachFlat stomach in four steps Sometime in the economic high school, I learned well the principle of building a successful business. It turns out that in order to avoid a crisis in earnings, you should always conduct business in four different directions. Thus, even if one of them is in danger of collapse, you are still three others. Today, we try to apply the principle of win in the struggle for a flat stomach.

Many ladies complain that grueling diet does not contribute to the attainment of aesthetic cubes in the area of the press. Others complain that fitness is not particularly affect their excessively rounded tummy. Continue reading “Flat stomach in four steps”

Weight Loss in seven hops

Weight lossWeight Loss in seven hops It’s no secret that a good cardio not only trains our hearts, but also helps to lose weight. For cardio include running, walking, training on a treadmill, stepper, stationary bike, swimming, roller skating, and the like. Also one of the main elements of cardio is jumping.

  1. Series of jumps

Bounce up on two feet and landing, squat deep enough, bringing the thigh parallel to the floor. The recommended number of repetitions: 20 times. Continue reading “Weight Loss in seven hops”

How to remove the stomach

Slim StomacHow to remove the stomach: a simple system for the newly-fledged mom What woman does not want to have a beautiful tightened figure after pregnancy and childbirth? To the press, and it has been available, and the back has remained girlish slim?  Such women are admirable, especially when you see them with a horde of children on the beach. During pregnancy with fetal growth rectums abdominal apart. Internal organs intestines, bladder Рwith each month of pregnancy experienced more stress and fall down, changing its natural position.

¬†Our task – to return all the organs in its place and to help closing the rectums muscles. It is a mistake to think that abdominal exercises can help regain a flat stomach. In fact, such exercises in the postpartum period, even contraindicated. And well just turn poses and exercises are performed lying on your side or back. Continue reading “How to remove the stomach”