Lemon Diet for weight loss

Lemon Diet for slimMany nutritionists and specialists in the field of weight loss is recommended to use lemon diet. This is due to the fact that it contains a large amount of acid, which promotes the breakdown of fat, accelerate metabolism, blocking hunger, strengthening of gastric juice, and thus improve digestion. Also contained in the lemon pectin, vitamin C. Lemon diet is universal. Using it, you do not have to strictly limit the amount of food consumed and constantly counting calories. However, some limitations still exist:

Limit, and it is better to completely stop the use of products containing in its composition a large amount of starch cereals, potatoes, pasta, pastries. Fried foods should be replaced on the boiled and baked.

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Buckwheat diet for weight loss

weight loss dietBuckwheat diet to lose weight one of the most strict diets. However, this is justified by its performance. Subject buckwheat diet, depending on your physiological capabilities, you can lose up to ten extra kilos. Thanks buckwheat Not only do you feel satiety, but at the same time cleanse your body.

This diet will not only lose weight but also improve the skin, and in some cases get rid of dermatological problems. preparing Buckwheat diet for weight loss as follows: 200 grams of cereal pour boiling hot water (400 – 500 g), and left overnight.

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Apple diet for weight loss

 weight loss dietA slender figure many of us are hesitant to use a particular Apple diet for weight loss. However, with each passing day it becomes more and more diets and choose the optimum becoming increasingly difficult. Therefore, before the use of a particular method of losing weight pay attention to how it affect your health, will not cause him any harm. Apples have not only excellent taste but also a large set of nutrients and vitamins. And all this is perfectly preserved in apples during the winter period.

With the Apple diet for weight loss can not only get rid of extra kilograms, but also result in metabolic processes in the body to normal. However, it should be remembered that in case of gastrointestinal diseases, before the start of the diet should always consult a doctor.

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Egg diet for a month

Egg diet tipsEgg diet for a month is different from other diets in that its base is not keeping caloric intake, and chemical reactions occurring in the body. The advantage of this diet is its universality. Namely, egg diet for people of any age. The effectiveness of this diet is directly proportional to the severity of her compliance.

That is, if suddenly you do not like any of the diet products, replacing it with another is prohibited. Also using this method of weight loss you will not have to take nutritional supplements.

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Cabbage Soup Diet for weight loss

 Diet for weight lossThe cabbage diet, there are many. The classic version of the cabbage diet is not as tough and has a duration of seven days. Due to the filling of the stomach cabbage, hunger blunted. Besides cabbage helps to activate the process of burning fat. Dishes that recommends the cabbage diet to lose weight, you can not add salt. During the diet should drink about two liters of water. It is recommended to drink green tea.

The seven-day Cabbage Soup Diet

On cabbage soup diet lasts seven days. Re diet can only be used within two months from the date of its application. During the seven-day cabbage diet may experience some side effects: the emergence of fatigue, weakness, lethargy, reduced concentration, and sometimes headaches. The main component of this diet is cabbage soup. To cook it you need: white cabbage – 500 – 600 grams, ½ cup brown rice, green onions – 6 arrows, two medium tomatoes, Bulgarian pepper two small bulbs – 6 pieces and salt.

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Lose your weight in a healthy way

weight lossWoman looking in a mirror it is natural for anyone who desire to go on a diet want to do it quickly. However, proof shows that people who lose weight regularly and progressively are more successful in keeping it off.

Losing weight in a healthy way is not only to follow a diet or program. It is to keep a stable lifestyle that include lasting changes in daily consumption and work out habits. To go on a diet, you must burn more calories than you consume.

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Carrot diet for weight loss

weight lossCarrot diet is essentially a vegetable diet. It is designed for four days. Thanks contained in carrots useful substances, strengthens the immune system, it allows the body to rejuvenate. In the carrot method of weight loss has its own rules:

be sure to stick a carrot products, saturated fats. It is necessary to improve the process of fat digestion and maximum absorption of vitamin A; eat carrots is recommended only in raw form, as any heat treatment reduces the activity of beneficial enzymes; to improve the effectiveness of diet carrots should be used in grated form. To do this, use a medium or fine grater.

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Cucumber diet for slim

Cucumber diet Cucumber diet is ideal for people who need to lose weight in a short period of time. In this case, the diet consists entirely of cucumber salad. You can use them throughout the day and in any quantity. The ideal is considered a salad consisting of only one cucumber.

Filling for this salad can be a yogurt, unsweetened yogurt, sour cream, vegetable oil or light mayonnaise. Prepare the salad is very simple. Take one kilo of fresh cucumber, washed and coarsely chopped. Then add 30 grams of low-fat sour cream or mayonnaise and a bit of herbs. Salad salt is not recommended, but if you can not eat it, a little podsolite. Though this to some extent reduce the effectiveness of the diet.

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