Means and diet cellulite

 diet celluliteWhat did not come up funds from cellulite and diet that millions of young ladies all over the earth regularly try to imagine! That wraps and massages, masks and scrubs, hardware and treatment – and a lot of other things. The most popular are simple and inexpensive techniques that help get rid of that annoying cosmetic defect right at home. These include funds from the cellulite and most popular diets, balanced meals, home made wraps and masks.

Wraps of cellulite

Means and diet cellulite On the effectiveness of cellulite wraps – one of the most powerful techniques. By the degree of exposure to it can be compared only with the hour-long sessions of professional anti-cellulite massage.

We just need to know that only harmless cold wrap but before applying it is necessary to consult with your doctor. However, if you are pregnant, have recently had surgery, there are cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, asthma, varicose veins this wrap you will also contraindicate.

Hot wraps more effective, but it has more contraindications: any gynecological diseases, tumors of any nature, dermatitis, kidney problems, pregnant, varicose veins, pregnancy.

If you do decide to wrap against cellulite, to prepare a long sheet of plastic film, a blanket, a hand towel, as well as the current composition. The composition may be based mud (clay, thermal mud of the Dead Sea, and so on), kelp, anti-cellulite oil, honey, green tea. This procedure will be more effective if you apply it to the skin therm gel or cream with fat burning effect.

So, wrap the foil covering the problem areas and a blanket for 25-30 minutes. Then re-apply the cream and go into the shower. After the shower, apply again, fat burning cream that will only increase the effect of the procedure.

Masks of cellulite

Home Mask of cellulite – another great way to get rid of this unpleasant defect. Masks warm up the skin to stimulate blood and lymph circulation, helps to eliminate excess fluid and toxins. Effectively activates the metabolism mask with red pepper. To prepare it, mix 5 g of chili pepper, nutmeg, tablespoon of cream, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 100 g of honey and 5 ml of cayenne pepper. Spread this mixture of skin in problem areas. It can cause redness of the skin.

Excellent help mask cellulite made with grape juice. For this mask you need to mix 5 tablespoons of fresh juice, 2 teaspoons of any moisturizing cream, a teaspoon of liquid honey. Spread this mixture on the problem areas of the skin for 15 minutes. If you have fresh grapes is not available, make a mask with apple cider vinegar.

Have powerful effects and masks from the hot wax. They can be bought off the shelf, and then warm up as instructed, and then applied to the skin using a special brush. Skin harbor, film wrapped something warm and keep about half an hour.

Finally, more often, use a mask with essential oils: Base (vegetable oil), add a few drops of ether (20 drops of bases – 3 drops of essential oil of cypress, peppermint, bergamot, cedar). Apply to the skin rubbing movements and do anti-cellulite massage.

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