Carrot diet for weight loss

weight lossCarrot diet is essentially a vegetable diet. It is designed for four days. Thanks contained in carrots useful substances, strengthens the immune system, it allows the body to rejuvenate. In the carrot method of weight loss has its own rules:

be sure to stick a carrot products, saturated fats. It is necessary to improve the process of fat digestion and maximum absorption of vitamin A; eat carrots is recommended only in raw form, as any heat treatment reduces the activity of beneficial enzymes; to improve the effectiveness of diet carrots should be used in grated form. To do this, use a medium or fine grater.

The daily amount eaten raw carrots should be at least 300-350 grams. Throughout the carrot diet the main course on the menu will be carrot salad. How to prepare carrot salad:

Well wash vegetables;

clean the carrots, remove the top layer. To remove the thin skin is ideal for a special knife. The thinner the skin, the more nutrients and vitamins remain in carrots. If the salad will be used early carrots, then it is better not to clean the knife and just wash, using a brush; start and end your day is recommended grated carrots, dressed with a lemon juice and vegetable oil one teaspoon. This salad can vary it by adding shredded green apple. Additionally, you must not drink more than one glass of low-fat yogurt (1-1.5%) and natural yoghurt.

When the carrot diet daily meals consist of 300 g of boiled meat (lean beef, veal, chicken, rabbit or turkey) or 300 grams of boiled fish (carp, zander, perch, trout). Remaining from cooking meat or fish broth should drain and cook it easy soup. To do this, add the broth a tablespoon of green peas, any cabbage, tomatoes, celery and fresh herbs.

Vegetables can be used not only for cooking soup, and for the preparation of side dishes. Although the list of permitted vegetable pretty poor: beets and cabbage of any kind (can be eaten in unlimited quantities), no more than two tablespoons of canned green peas, potatoes no more than two. Vegetables should be either boiled or steamed. And do not forget about the main component of the diet – carrots, 100-150 g grated carrot salad eaten after each dish!

And most importantly, in the preparation of the dinner menu, try to alternate the days of fish and meat. For example, two days of meat, one – fish. Permission is granted to use any berries and fruit, except persimmons, grapes, watermelon, banana and melon.

The daily fluid intake consists of one liter of non-carbonated mineral water, half a liter of unsweetened black or green tea and half a liter of fruit and vegetable juice (banned banana and grape). Fans of the coffee, carbonated beverages, milk and alcohol have to take time off from their use. If you decide to lose weight, using the carrot diet, should be completely excluded from their daily menu, baking, pastry, semi-products, cereals, honey, sugar, sour cream, eggs, cheese and curd.

Carrot diet for weight loss: the menu

  • Breakfast consists of 100 grams of carrot salad, low-fat natural yoghurt – 100 g;
  • Lunch consists of 200-250 grams of fresh fruit or cooked vegetables;
  • Lunch consists of 250 grams of fish or meat dish, 200g of boiled vegetables, 75g of grated carrot salad, 150-200 grams of cooked meat, one cup of juice or tea;
  • Snack consists of 250-300 grams of fruit juice or a cup of green tea;
  • Dinner consists of 100 grams of grated carrot salad and yogurt 1% fat – 100 ml.

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