Buckwheat diet for weight loss

weight loss dietBuckwheat diet to lose weight one of the most strict diets. However, this is justified by its performance. Subject buckwheat diet, depending on your physiological capabilities, you can lose up to ten extra kilos. Thanks buckwheat Not only do you feel satiety, but at the same time cleanse your body.

This diet will not only lose weight but also improve the skin, and in some cases get rid of dermatological problems. preparing Buckwheat diet for weight loss as follows: 200 grams of cereal pour boiling hot water (400 – 500 g), and left overnight.

On the morning of the excess water is drained and all you can eat. Buckwheat cooking is not recommended. The first version of buckwheat diet for weight loss is recommended as unloading. The second embodiment has a duration of seven days. These two versions differ from each other not much, but there are some nuances.

Buckwheat is used throughout the day at various doses. To wash down her low-fat yogurt is allowed. Because of their diet should be to completely eliminate sugar, salt, and any kind of oil. If one cup of buckwheat is not enough to you, and you always feel hunger, the portion of buckwheat can be increased. Then, the daily rate will be more than one glass of Buckwheat diet for weight loss.

You can drink ordinary water, unsweetened coffee and tea. Other products for weight loss during the Buckwheat diet for weight loss has prohibited except one apple a day. Though it is better to do without any fruit. Their use is justified only by a strong sense of hunger or when that day buckwheat is simply heaving no strength. After 18:00, allowed one cup of yogurt, and then, very rarely, as an exception.

Buckwheat diet for weight loss menu

On an empty stomach in the morning, drink hot boiled water (200 ml). Water should be a pleasant temperature, it does not burn. Drink it should be in small sips. After half an hour the first part eat buckwheat. To wash down her vegetable juice (carrot, tomato, pumpkin, but without salt), yogurt or unsweetened tea.

For lunch, eat a second portion of porridge.

At dinner – a third.

In the intervals between doses of buckwheat to drink non-carbonated water, unsalted vegetable juices, unsweetened tea. The total amount of fluid consumed should not exceed two liters.

This Buckwheat diet for weight loss has a duration of seven days.

If in the first 48 hours of a diet, you do not have a chair, you should make a cleansing enema. In the case of daily stool enema it is recommended to put in a day, for the duration of the diet. For buckwheat diet, you should not have any feelings of hunger. However, if it arose, it is allowed to increase consumed buckwheat to two cups a day Before you start losing weight on buckwheat diet, before bed, after cleansing enema, weigh.

Using this method of weight loss can reduce your weight by several kilograms, and health is not adversely affected. Reuse of the diet can be no earlier than two months. After graduating from the diet does not necessarily stop the use of buckwheat in the morning. In order to lose weight is not returned, it should be in your daily diet to limit salty and sweet.

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