Apple diet for weight loss

 weight loss dietA slender figure many of us are hesitant to use a particular Apple diet for weight loss. However, with each passing day it becomes more and more diets and choose the optimum becoming increasingly difficult. Therefore, before the use of a particular method of losing weight pay attention to how it affect your health, will not cause him any harm. Apples have not only excellent taste but also a large set of nutrients and vitamins. And all this is perfectly preserved in apples during the winter period.

With the Apple diet for weight loss can not only get rid of extra kilograms, but also result in metabolic processes in the body to normal. However, it should be remembered that in case of gastrointestinal diseases, before the start of the diet should always consult a doctor.

This is very important if you have increased the acidity, and thus there are diseases such as stomach ulcer or gastritis. Typically, the presence of these diseases is not a contraindication for this strict diet and a doctor’s permission, you can use it. The only condition would be eating only apples sweet varieties. In cardiovascular disease, hypertension, gallbladder disease, liver and kidney apple diet is simply irreplaceable. You can use it to control cholesterol levels, to engage in the prevention of atherosclerosis. Currently, a lot of options apple diet. Their main difference from each other – is the degree of severity and duration.

All meals should be divided into five – six times. Each meal – it’s an apple and 100 ml of yogurt. This diet is unloading, and it can be used once or twice a week.

Apple diet for weight loss duration 7 days. This diet promises weight loss up to four kg. This version of the apple diet for 7 days is quite hard, so is allowed once a day to eat a piece of bread or unsalted crackers from black bread.

The first day – one kilogram of apples;

Day two – one and a half kilo of apples;

Day three – two kilograms of apples;

The fourth day – two kilos of apples;

The fifth day – half a kilo of apples;

Day Six – one kilogram of apples.

Day seven – one kilogram of apples.

Throughout the day, you must eat only apples, and in unlimited quantities. Drink – boiled or mineral non-carbonated water, infusions of herbal or green tea. This diet is unloading, and it can be used once or twice in seven days.Throughout the day should eat no more than one and a half kilo of fresh apples. Permission is granted to bake the apples in the oven. By following this diet, fluid use is not recommended. It is sufficient liquid contained in apples. This diet is unloading, and it can be used once or twice in seven days.

Apple diet for weight loss menu

For breakfast you can rub an apple on a grater, mix with yogurt 0% and add oatmeal (one tablespoon). Then, all mix well and let stand for five minutes.

For lunch, you can finely chop a couple of apples, lettuce, greens. All mix and season with a sauce of olive oil, apple cider vinegar and yogurt 0%.

At lunch you can eat one apple.

For dinner, you can make a low-fat salad of cheese – 150 grams and an apple.

Apples and herbal infusions

For the recovery of the body is considered to be a very useful combination of unloading apple days and use of herbal infusions. This day allowed to eat apples in unlimited quantities, and as the drink unlimited use of herbal infusions and non-carbonated mineral water.

Raw and baked apples

For such handling of the day it needs half a kilo of apples. Of these, half a kilo to be baked in the oven, and the rest to eat raw. All apples are evenly distributed on the whole day, while from the daily diet completely eliminated the use of the liquid.

Liquid enters the body of the apples. Empirically pick the best option for you Apple diet for weight loss. In tandem with regular sports activities apple diet helps to get a slender figure and excellent health.

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