Rice Diet

Rice Diet the bodyRice is the most popular product of different diets. This cereal itself is very helpful and has the function of the output water from the body. A together with water and salt slags are output. There are three most common variants of the rice diet, five glasses, two courses and weekly diet.

Rice Diet five glasses is an effective way to not only lose weight but to cleanse the body.

To do this you need to take five glasses, and put them on two tablespoons of rice. After that, you need to pour rice water. Water should be changed once a day. At the end of the fourth day, the first glass of water should be drained and eat rice. Then the rice is put back into a glass and filled with water. This glass should be put last in the series.

The next day to eat rice from the second cell, and the procedure is repeated. So in five days, gradually eaten rice from each beaker. Sitting on a rice diet five glasses should be two weeks. The consumption of salt in this period needs to slow sharply.

The next version of the rice diet two courses. One dish is rice. You can add a second dish – fish. These dishes do not mix. They can be diluted with greenery. The term diet 5 days.

Weekly diet based on rice is also very popular. Menu you can make yourself. The main thing that for breakfast, lunch and dinner was rice basis. It can be diluted with fish, vegetables, herbs, and fruit. Of course, the salt and spices should be discarded.

Rice is very effective in the matter of cleansing the body. The most successful black rice.

More about rice diet need to ask your nutritionist. Just a lot of literature written rice. Physical exercise during the diet should be excluded.

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