How to get a slim stomach

Catharsis for weight lossSeeds of eggplant perfectly clean the intestinal tract of mucus from harmful bacteria and small worms. In addition, the eggplant contains tartronic acid, it is very well regulated by a lipid metabolism.

Therefore, they are very useful to take obesity. Such a diet to cleanse the stomach continues throughout the week.

From the menu, it is necessary to exclude meat and dairy products, bakery products. It is recommended that there is only vegetables. Two-thirds of all vegetables should be eggplant. Vegetables can be eaten boiled, in the form of stewed or lightly fried in a little oil. Cut the eggplant is best in the form of blocks 1.5 to 1.5 cm. Salt should be deleted. In order to improve the taste, you can add pepper or other herbal seasonings.

Eat dishes of eggplant must be at least three times a day. This is necessary to chew food thoroughly. Another necessary condition – for half an hour before a meal and a half hours after eating cannot drink. During the purification of the stomach eggplant can drink clean water, black tea or herbal, with the prerequisite sugar in tea is not added. Therefore, fruit juice drink, too, should not be.To start a catharsis, no special training is needed. Clean the stomach Aubergine diet can start any day. It occupies from 7 to 14 days.

After cleaning the stomach this kind and rather simple folk remedy, you will feel better feeling, a surge of strength and energy, clarity of thought, get the unearthly calm. According to a national cleansing can be practiced systematically, the good frequency is once every two months, as a result of purification lasts two months. But more often carry out such aubergine diet do not advise.

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