Easy exercises for a flat belly

Slim ballyThe abdominal exercises are the only ones in the world that will help to really get back in shape and have a flat stomach and slender! The secret to making peace with your abs is to get them really well and increase the number gradually without overdoing it during the first few sessions. Here is the workout to do at home in a few weeks you will have the perfect belly to show off at the beach!

1. Abdominal front

Are the abdominal easier but also the most effective. Lie on the ground flexes the legs by placing his feet on the ground so that it forms an angle of about 45 °. The back is resting on the ground and there are no spaces between the back and the floor. Hands behind your neck raise the trunk of 15-20 centimeters from the ground.

2. Abdominal bicycle

Lie down on the ground, hands behind his head, raise your torso about 10 centimeters above the ground and with the elbow of the left arm go to the knee of the right leg that will have up to an angle of approximately 90 ° with the knee.This exercise will allow you to strengthen the abdominal oblique: the secret to make the muscles work well is to give a good twist of the torso. It is not enough that the tent elbow towards the knee, but it must do so only through the efforts of the abdomen to reach the location and rotation.

3. Abs isometrics

The abdominals consist Nell’ allenare isometric muscle without movement, but make no mistake that it is less tiring! Lie down on the floor, legs slightly apart, raise your torso leaning his elbows on the ground and relying on his toes lift the body: the seat should be parallel to the back and you keep your head high. Hold this position without bringing down the basin or bend your back: keep breathing despite the effort. Hold for 10 seconds and increasing every week by another 5 seconds.

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