How to remove belly fat permanently?

SlimYou have already tried dozens of diets, exercise regularly, but it remains more like a character Shrek rather than The Avengers? It’s time to change something.How to remove belly fat quickly and permanently? I’ll help you with that! Read this article, I outlined to you all the basic principles of training schemes and working examples of diets for  the stomach , that help you build a body of which you never dreamed!

And now, let’s talk about the global problem of all mankind, and how to fight it. No, I’m not talking about cancer, not about aliens or cold, I mean obesity, in all its guises.

Of course, if a start from a scientific point of view, obesity can call only the most advanced cases, when the percentage of fat in the body is greater than 40% of total body weight.

remove body fatBy the way, it is very helpful to each athlete at least occasionally visit the health center and check the total percentage of fat in your body I try to grasp the issue more extensively and at least briefly consider all options on how to make a flat stomach once and for all! Oddly enough, but the most complex because of their excess weight, those who do not, and it has, or is in very small quantities. Most often it is the former  who, because of a sedentary lifestyle are gaining a few extra kilos, which immediately appear in their form folds in the stomach.

Dear alarmist, I wholeheartedly want to reveal to you one simple truth: in the days of Arnold Schwarzenegger, bodybuilders competed with the percentage fat from 5 to 8%, and it has long been considered the benchmark. Moreover, the fact that you were small folds, says only that your body is not enough to train the muscles to tighten the skin in the held state. In order to get rid of belly at home, you have to make a minimum of effort, but to save the results, you will need to try. Below, I give an example of some of the exercises to  the press to help you in your quest to find a beautiful body.

Doing this exercise is very important to keep their systematic training, or to emerge victorious from the battle with pleats and sides you will not succeed. Take a pose similar to pushups, fix it, and as you exhale, pull your right leg ,knee to your chest as if you are going to climb. Exhale and lower your leg, then repeat the same with the left foot. Two steps right – left is one set, performing the exercise, you should do at least three or four approaches, sets of 12-18 each. We train every other day feature of this exercise inr the press that with it you individually work through the entire right side abdominals with the oblique muscles, and then left, alternately alternating load.

To improve the effect of the exercise should not slow as in force procedures, and forced, as it were beating the sides. Only such an approach will allow you to remove the side of the already one to two weeks. Another extremely simple exercise that will allow you to remove the stomach and sides at home without spending on expensive exercise equipment and not bothering to heavy weight training. For his performance you will need a pipe, stick of a mop or something else, then you can simulate a neck from the bar. Put it on his shoulders and his hands clasped behind him.

Lets keep straight, mixed by together. It is from this position of the body start to make turns, first one way, then the other. The rotation must not exceed the amplitude of body movements. As soon as the movement enters the pelvis, fix the position and perform the rotation in the other direction. Perform as well as the previous one, forced, and No limit that is to do 3-4 sets of 30-40 turns as the exercise is not dangle obliques, but only stretches and works out them that allows you to burn a small percentage of fat locally. Yes Yes! This squat, a basic exercise, part of the three holy any lifter.

Few people know, but when performing squats with the correct equipment is very heavy load are talking to the press, that allows you to make a flat stomach, instead of distinct blocks. This exercise is perfect for girls who do not like the severity of athletic forms. Plus, squats are the best fat burning exercise, and as a result of its implementation, we do not just train the muscles of the legs, buttocks and abdomen, and grow thin. The major problem in the execution of his home that squats are ineffective without the weight exercise, and to achieve the best use post-full backpack or elemental heavy things sand package, bottle, etc..

Do this exercise every day if possible, but in a neat dosage, otherwise you run the risk of pump quads and calves, that girl is extremely undesirable. Consequently, the three working sets of 12-18 rep scheme is ideal for those who want to remove the stomach and hips, making them strong and resilient. In this case, you have pretty sweet, but it’s worth it. Perform light exercises described above at home without properly designed diet does not bring proper results. In your case, you should make a big emphasis on aerobic exercise, cardio, or street workout CrossFit.

But before I tell you about the intricacies of training, I want to talk privately about what to eat to lose weight. It should make a reservation that your complexion to remove fat from the abdomen without dieting does not work, but on the other hand, if you follow all the recommendations for at least six months, you will forget about the problem of excess weight for a very long period.Based diet everyone should know, regardless of whether you are doing sports, or simply watch their figure.

This is especially true for those who are physiologically predisposed to a set of extra kilos. There are several types of diets, which I will discuss later, but they are based on three pillars:  Proper nutrition. What does this mean? Explain: no chemicals in the food. If you want to lose weight and are ready to go to the goal, then you need to stop using the fast food outlets, most of the semi-finished products, soda, chips, and other plastic food.

First of all, because it contains a lot of fats and carbohydrates, and is already in the second place because of their obvious chemical emulsifiers, coloring agents, oxidizers, etc.. Origin. – Drink more water. How many people love to talk right now, man is primarily a vertical paddle, and guided by this principle is easy to understand our body, making reserves for a rainy day.

Drinking about two liters of water per day you are completely satisfied in their body needs it and as a consequence, it will earn 20-25% less fat. – Mode. Whether you eat in the ground or dry off, your diet should consist of 4-5 meals. In order to spur the body’s metabolism just need to make your digestive system work tirelessly, with methods of food should be the approximate percentage: 30-25-20-15-10% of the total needs of the organism in food and from breakfast before dinner.I do not want to say that adhering to these rules, you stop asking yourself how to remove belly fat and lose 10 pounds in a week, it’s a fairy tale, but the fact that you begin to lose weight 5-7 kg per month to optimal weight this I can guarantee.

And it, in the long run worth it. Despite all the above, in our body there is one simple feature: after sleep and before the first meal metabolic rate is significantly reduced, and consequently, fasting during this period, you are using your own body fat as fuel. But everything should be in moderation and fasting should not exceed 12-14 hours a day, and then have to follow the three meals of the following calculation of useful substances: – Breakfast: 40-50% slow carbohydrates buckwheat, rice, oatmeal and so on.

25-35% protein meat, beans, mushrooms, fish and fill the rest of fats. Dinner: dinner desirable to take a portion of the shock protein with minimal fat and carbohydrates. For these purposes, ideal cheese with sour cream and sugar 200 grams of cottage cheese, a teaspoon of sugar, a teaspoon of sour cream. By following this diet, you will not only burn fat while maintaining lean muscle mass, but also to achieve impressive results in the first month, throwing off to 25-35% of your body fat!

The only disadvantage of this diet is that it is extremely difficult to comply with, because if you exceed the limit of fasting, or vice versa, frustrate and eat extra chocolate, the fat will come back as quickly gone. In order to consolidate the results, you should decide for yourself, to exercise the principles of street workout horizontal bar, parallel bars, or perform daily evening jog. Note: if a diet on a dry weight should not run or train in the morning, as you fill the opened no protein-carbohydrate window and as a result, will burn your muscle mass without losing weight or grams, becoming thin fat man.The ideal would be an evening training session in the bar to a maximum of 3 sets with a break of up to 4 minutes between sets and bars the same way, in which it is desirable to include lifting the feet or knees to the crossbar. Or evening jog for 30-40 minutes easy pace.

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