How to achieve a beautiful figure?

figure for dietBeautiful figure should be on the headset, and the girl – healthy shape! – Said my grandmother, feeding at the table another batch of pies. The women in our family did not differ beautiful figure in the modern sense. Large hands, round hips, tummy sticking out and other signs of problems with being overweight – that’s what our family was considered a beautiful figure.

Naturally, when I grew up and got out of parental care, I had to try a lot of money to lose weight, to give his 87 kilos at least some hints of a beautiful figure.With fifteen years of experience in the fight against excess weight and the degree of candidate of medical sciences,

 will tell you exactly what is on the way to a slim and beautiful figure, the most important thing – to get the right food habits.

Axioms of weight loss: do not eat three hours before bedtime, drink more pure water, less fat and flour – spelled out in any direction to losing weight and a beautiful figure.

I think, to talk about them again is not necessary. But these simple truths slim and beautiful figure probably few know. Their operating principle: fool the appetite – and the extra weight does not threaten you.The first rule of a beautiful figure – not salt food. More fresh food less tasty, which means that they you probably eat less. Listen to yourself: often in appetite, we accept the desire to experience a sharp taste. If so – please. Add spices hearty and vanilla and cinnamon – in desserts.

The need for salt and sugar will disappear by itself. Believe me, your beautiful figure is worth it to go to such a trick.Do you want to fool your appetite? Drink! But only plain water or unsweetened green tea. Soda, packaged juices and beautiful figure – incompatible concepts. Gases contained in beverages, provoke the accumulation of fat in the intestine and, as a consequence, the extra weight . A half liter of juice on caloric favorite will go for a dinner of steak and a large portion of salad. At the same time, the consumption of green tea guarantees you a beautiful figure. According to some studies, this drink with regular consumption of it burns up to 80 calories per day.

 What you do not have a means of losing weight? By the way, very often we take thirst for hunger. Try to drink a glass of water half an hour before meals in small sips – and the amount eaten decreased by at least 30%. Take this rule in the habit, and slim beautiful figure you provided.Need figure correction ? Then stick rules: eat breakfast myself, share dinner with a friend, dinner and give her husband’s mistress. And this is true. Want a beautiful figure – Eat breakfast, hot and cold, for example, cereals, and during the day the appetite will be much more still. And the topic of hot to.

Warm beverages can also help to forget about hunger and bring their forms to the parameters of a beautiful figure.The main enemy of a beautiful figure – your eyes. Contemplation favorite dishes wakes appetite, even in well-fed body. So as not to abandon the idea of a beautiful figure every time cross the threshold of the kitchen, remove all the temptations away. Vase with cookies on the table, in the closet and chocolate candy in the cupboard – not your options, if a beautiful figure – a problem №1. The less candy in the house, the less likely to eat them. In general, try to spend less time in the kitchen, while painful odors will not overcome you, and losing weight will go much easier.

Wheat bran and oatmeal – your friends in the fight against excess weight. These foods are rich in fiber, for a long time to digest, and therefore the feeling of hunger does not occur. The shortest way to the beautiful slim figure. Lose weight easily help and cheese. Only there it should be separate from other products – it perfectly suppressed the appetite and is essential for a beautiful figure, thick hair and healthy teeth.How to lose weight ? You just have longer.

As a note for the owner of a beautiful figure in the process of eating. Surely its harmony and beautiful figure, she owes the ability to eat properly. Do not rub on food, nibble small pieces, chew, pausing – only then your body will be able to adequately control the process of eating. As paradoxical as it may sound, but to lose weight and achieve a beautiful figure, you have to enjoy your meal.Who would have thought that the hygiene – the key to a beautiful slender figure.

It turns out that the taste of food in the mouth can provoke hunger. So brush your teeth with mint toothpaste – it will help you to leave with being overweight. The Blyustitelnitsa beautiful figure can also follow the advice of the commercials: When the toothbrush is not available to you, use the chewing gum. And the taste of food in the mouth disappeared, and to cope with the need to just chew on something.Perhaps the most obvious way to achieve a beautiful figure – try a tool for weight loss , for example, the ideal.

Ideal – natural preparation for the weight loss and slim beautiful figure. Its components prevent the absorption of fat and cholesterol from the intestine and stimulate their degradation, promote the rapid removal of toxins from the body and reduce the appetite. Thus, losing weight means ideal ensures weight loss and slim beautiful figure.Using these simple rules of nutrition, you can lose weight without having to diet and fasting. Within a half or two months, you’ll happily watch your beautiful figure in the mirror.

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