Five popular myths about weight loss

weight lossWhen we first decide to lose weight and begin to know all about diets, dumped on us a lot of information. Magazines and books, forums and blogs, expert opinion and experience lost weight all designed to help figure out how to reduce weight while maintaining health.

But in fact, it appears that sources contradict each other, and you have no choice but to experience everything for yourself. And if some errors simply are not any good, then others can seriously damage health. We will look at the most popular and most dangerous myths about losing weight.The water will help to lose weight.

The supporters of this statement is recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water a day, and apart from the usual drinks and soups are advised to take a glass of cold water before meals. Indeed, the liquid will reduce the space in the stomach, but its abundance in the body  is harmful to the kidneys, heart and brain. Water literally washes excreted salts of magnesium, calcium, sodium and vitamins. Medical consumption rate of water – 1.5-2 liters per day.Do not eat after 18:0. This is a serious misconception has ruined more than one stomach.

Dinner at 18 and going to bed at least 22 hours, you doom your body for a long hunger, because in the best case he will receive food in 10-12 hours. As a result, the calories will be postponed in reserve in the form of fat, so that during the next crisis to ensure the livelihoods of the internal organs. The optimal time for last meal – 3 hours before bedtime.Low-fat diet food products. In fact, it’s just a markeing ploy. Firstly, fat, including animal, is essential for the functionality of the organism. Fatty acids provide the beauty and health of skin, hair, nails, heart, strength and elasticity of blood vessels.

In addition, the fat-free product add a lot of sugar. So we can say that the low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese even more harmful than usual.Carbohydrates should be excluded. It is a harmful myth, is to simplify the real situation. There are two types of carbohydrates monosaccharides (simple) and polysaccharides (complex). Monosaccharides really necessary to minimize planning menu, as they burn quickly and their excess is converted into fat cells. These foods – white bread, white rice, pasta, soft wheat, pastries really can be excluded from the diet. But vegetables, fruit, pasta from durum wheat, beans, brown rice, cereals, whole wheat bread must be present on the table.

These products consist of complex carbohydrates. Their digestion is spent more energy, they are processed more slowly, which means you stay satiated longer. Not for nothing recommend oatmeal for breakfast a cup of this dish is able to recharge your energy before lunch. Furthermore, in fiber products contain slozhnouglevodnyh required for proper operation of the intestine. Bath and sauna replace diet and sports. But it would be nice to combine relaxation and slimming! Hover broom a kilo off! But, unfortunately, this does not happen. After these relaxing treatments a person really lose 1-2 kilograms. But this weight is not fat, and water. Alas, fat evaporate is impossible only to burn calories with a deficit coming.

However, bathing procedures are very useful as a training of the cardiovascular system and relaxation. In addition, the effects of different temperature and water is useful for skin removes dirt from deep, aligns and tightens.And most importantly before going on a diet, ask yourself why do I need it? Remember, your body,  you have one, so do not go on about the stereotypes, experience and friends desire to get rid of 10 kg per week. Lose weight safely, grow thin with the mind!

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