Diet of Berries

DietsIdeal for those who like fresh Berries, but cannot tolerate the diet. So your weight loss will be relatively easy and will bring the minimum of stress to the body. Only without fanaticism: fasting days during berry diet – just too much!

How to stick During this diet you are free to make your diet, as long as it does not exceed the caloric 1000-1100 kcal, including calorie 500 g of your favorite Berries.

Berries should be divided into 2 times and eat breakfast and afternoon tea. Meal, by the way, you should have 5. If you need a snack before bedtime, then replace the late afternoon snack berry berry snack.

What to expect Plummet 2-4 kilograms berry diet, you can see how the 2 weeks and a month. The result will depend on how well you will make your own menu, calculate its caloric content and the amount of it present in fats and carbohydrates – the main enemies of the figure.

A nice addition to your diet will improve metabolism and getting rid of signs of violation headaches, irritability, insomnia.

Suitable for if you chew the work of an amateur inspiration or sin that constantly pulling something in his mouth while watching TV, berry diet will certainly come up. Berries have all the benefits of the seeds, nut and chips – they can sip, interrupting the appetite and thus they are deprived of the main drawbacks – high energy value. In general and mouth busy – and the figure of health does not suffer.

What to consider a spoon of tar in a berry diet still there. Unfortunately, natural and eco-friendly fruit is not very easy to find. Not frozen and not suspicious large and shiners on the supermarket shelves and even unsightly, too small, sometimes very high quality bust, but the real, without chemicals.

But even finding such golden berries, you are not immune to allergies, the cause of which they are often, as well as the acidity of the stomach and heartburn. Therefore, if you have even a slight allergy to any berries or stomach problems, better check before starting a diet with a specialist. After all, we are not talking about a handful of berries per week and about 500 grams daily.

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