Diet for the summer

summer Diet About BMENA substances we, inhabitants of the middle band, designed so that the autumn and winter – this time, the accumulation of fat and waste, sleep – a period of recovery. Summer is – a kind of vacation exchange transformations they cease to rule over our bodies. This means that the thickness of body fat is almost entirely dependent on the supply, but not from a genetic predisposition.

Therefore, the diet is considered the most effective in the summer. Summer diet a great multitude and almost all of them fall into two categories fruit and berry and vegetable. We will try to explain to you how they work. And you, based on our tips, this month will be able to adjust the figure, at the same time provide invaluable benefit of cleansing your body.

Summer diet is easily feasible – after all this time of year there are cheap vegetables and fruits. They, of course, are sold in the winter, but there are You know how much. And in the summer you can afford the greens in large quantities – the family budget is quite capable.
So, let’s begin. But to start, by the way, do not need to eat, and to drink. In a little thirsty a lot, which means that a huge amount of calories comes into contact with the liquid is. Judge for yourself; 0.5 l of usual lemonade contains – 60 g sugar. Each gram – 4 cal. And in the hot days of a person drinks three, or even all four bottles of ‘zero 5. Produced in mind some simple calculations? Horrified? Ask yourself, what do you do? A way out of this situation is not very much. You can move to the lightweight, soft drinks in non-nutritive sweeteners are added. You can replace them with canvas, juices, which greatly beneficial to health.

However, the best summer drink, according to doctors, is mineral water. Its share should account for at least half of the absorbed liquid. But there is one nuance the water must be aerated. The fact that the bubbles of carbon dioxide and inflate the intestine impair its suction capacity. But ordinary mineral water – just what you need. She does not disturb the digestion and eliminates the deficit of salts that inevitably occurs in hot weather. The most important thing for those who want to lose weight – is that mineral water is absolutely non-nutritive. The same can be said about the ordinary green tea, which not only perfectly.

 Quenches thirst, but also has dietetic advantages. Not only that, this drink is the sensation of hunger, so he also promotes the breakdown of fat cells. This property became known after Australian researchers published the results of his many years of research. It turned out that in the leaves of green tea contains several types of enzymes that destroy fat. So this drink may be incorporated into any diet. However, tea and mineral water can not eat. It is necessary to determine the daily diet. It must be said immediately one basic truth, no starvation diet summer place. Rather, they have no place in any season, but in the hot season brings hunger particularly harmful.

This is due to sweating, which leads to a deficiency of many substances. To avoid these troubles, it is necessary to adequately compensate for the loss of micro-nutrients. With this excellent job fruits and freshly squeezed fruit juices, stone fruit and berries. On this basis, there are many wonderful low-calorie diets. To all of them presented one requirement: the total energy intake should be at least 1000-1100 cal, also sit on a diet of fruits and berries should be no more than a month. During this time, the body loses between 2 and 4 kg. Many of the results seem not effective enough, because there are programs that guarantee weight loss of 10 or even 12 kilos per month.

However, we must not forget that such a diet mostly to no good argument ‘peeling’ with them, eaten off a woman hungry for all the days of torment and after a while their weight back to its original value. In pursuit of a slender figure, it is desirable to follow the golden rule of dietary, which reads as follows slowly and surely. Fruit and berry diet is the best fit this definition.

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