Drinks for weight loss

weight lossDrinks for weight loss – another affordable and harmless way to get rid of a couple of extra kilos. They have a pleasant taste, refreshing, do not contain sugar, and most importantly almost all of them can cook yourself.How do the drinks and all? Of course, without changing diet and sitting on the sofa should not rely on the magic power of cocktail of beauty.

But with proper diet and reasonable physical activity they can help you lose 2-3 kilograms, or keep weight.

Components in the drink for weight loss, help to get rid of hunger, and normalize the digestive process in general and the intestines in particular, strengthen the immune system, revitalizes the body by a variety of vitamins.

 In general, everywhere you look Рeverywhere good.There is a question about drinking regime Рwhen and how much to take drinks to get the maximum benefit? The first glass to drink immediately after waking up Рit will awaken the body and run it metabolic processes. Then you need to drink half an hour before a meal and an hour after it.

The result is that the day you drink about 1.2 liters of vitamin drink. This amount does not cover the necessary standards of use of the liquid (1.5-2 liters), so do not forget to drink plain water.So, what kind of drink to choose? We have compiled a list of the most useful and easy to prepare drinks.Mineral water a good choice for those who do not like to cook. Want to lose weight – choose magnesium water. Water containing magnesium is used in spa treatment for the normalization of metabolism, water-salt balance and control of metabolic diseases, including obesity.

 Before use, you must release the carbon dioxide out of the bottle, as it irritates the stomach. There is one, but: mineral water and mineral because that is saturated with various salts. This means that it is necessary to drink with caution for people who have diseases of the urinary and cardiovascular systems, and healthy person is better not to use it regularly. Best of all Рconsult with your doctor.Green tea not only help in weight loss, but also a good tonic.

The tea leaves contain substances called polyphenols, which help burn fat. Furthermore, green tea reduces blood sugar level and has a mild diuretic effect. Green coffee – recently had the tools, which is the unroasted coffee beans. They contain complex acids (chlorogenic, malic, citric, oxalic, tartaric, caffeic) and tannins. In the form of roasted beans lose their wonderful properties.

Drink raw beans reduces the level of glucose in the blood and accelerates the breakdown of fats, but is contraindicated in people with cardiovascular diseases and disorders of the nervous system, because it contains caffeine.Ginger drink has exquisite taste and very good for your health, especially during the cold season.

The ginger contains amino acids, accelerate metabolism, has a diuretic and diaphoretic action, lowers blood cholesterol, as well as the output of free radicals. Drink diet prepared as follows: 10 cm ginger root rubbed on a fine grater, add the juice of one lemon and mint to taste. Then you need to pour a mixture of hot, but not boiling, water and let it brew.

A cocktail of lemon juice and chili peppers – the best way to quickly develop metabolism. Burning spices have a positive effect on blood circulation, the work of the digestive system and provide tremendous support in getting rid of unnecessary kilograms. In 1 liter of boiled water, add 400 ml of lemon juice, 400 ml of broth hips and a bit – on the tip of a spoon – ground chili peppers. Also drink improves skin condition.

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