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exerciseThe back is one of the muscles to which more attention we pay if we want a flashy body and is really strong. The back, work it is important to know it well, because not everything is to properly build. Like all muscles, have parts of the back that are more developed than others and some therefore, we identify how we can improve.

Back – Improving it from the aesthetic point of view

To improve the back from the aesthetic point of view, we perform a series of exercises that help us to widen it, give it thickness and strengthen it. To get the form in V, the open dominated the snatch grip deadlight and paddles are fundamental.

Furthermore, we go to work with rep ranges and weights depending on our goals. If we simply toning, we were simply doing bodyweight exercises and moving weights around 75% of our maximum. However, we want to make it grow, heavy routines hypertrophy and strength will be the joint axis of our sports programming.

Weaknesses: Back

Back – Improving it from the functional point of view

Here is where many people fail when searching hard on the back. Machine-assisted exercises are not the best benchmarks for measuring the force on the back. I include gerund oars and milestones, although for this purpose are not good, not detract that improve muscle quality as that area of the back.

The following exercises for back are the best to gain functional strength:

Deadweight The deadweight, but is an exercise that works many muscles. The back, acts as stabilizer muscle, so that charges a vital importance when making the move.

Chin: Indispensable to strengthen all the muscles of the back. If we combine rowing, we have a perfect way to bomb all the muscles from different positions.

Reno: The great forgotten. I do not usually see many people practice it, and because it is a difficult exercise to do. But it is primarily responsible for developing muscle mass and strength in the inner muscles of the back.

Yoga: I included the yoke, because they usually do not connect. But from a useful standpoint, the force that gives us the yoke is unparalleled and all those who have the ability to do it, nor hesitate.

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