Tips to resume your exercise routine

dietResume your routine exercise after being long without physical activity , is very healthy. However, doing so abruptly can be dangerous and cause injuries. A common mistake is to try to do the same routine from day to exercise and it is not convenient.

Salud180 tells you some considerations you should take into account not hurt and return to exercise after a long time.

1. The body needs time to adapt to exercise, in addition to the muscles and bones become stronger, gain tone and flexibility. It is therefore important to start gradually without push yourself too much, especially if you had an injury.

2. If the reason you stopped doing exercise was sick, it is important to consult your doctor before starting your routine. Please ask if you should have some special care.

3. Before starting Ponte a target; run a marathon, do 100 crunches a day or cycling on a long journey. Whatever your goal, write it down and leave it in a conspicuous place and in the refrigerator.

4. Put together a plan year; defined days, times and place you go to practice. Looking for new ways of exercising. You can try exercises like yoga or palates soft.

5. Learn to listen to your body and accept your own limitations. Especially if you stopped doing exercise for health or injury.

6. Watch your muscles. Start with slow movements; if you will train with weights, use the smallest to improve your endurance. Gradually amplify the weight and repetitions depending on the result you want to obtain.

Remember that physical activity is only part of your health plan. If you complement your routine with small changes in your diet, the results will be more conspicuous.

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