Tips for exercising

fatI decided to list a few tricks to continue the exercise, because for me it is the facet of my life where I is more difficult to apply a simple life habits.

I’m not a professional, these are nothing more than a few tricks that I apply to continue the exercise. Obviously the idea is to use some of these tricks, not all because some are contradictory!

Start slow. More important than strength and endurance is to have fun and have real and achievable goals. Do not start too hard.

Gradually increased. Once achieved the first goal, gradually increase the intensity, your body will get used to your exercise so do not do the same routine 3 times / week for 1 year. Changing 1 time each month should suffice.

With more intensity. Once accustomed to training sessions want to do high intensity, you burn fatter. Instead of running slowly try to run on small explosions running fast mixing with periods of low intensity. This can be applied to any type of exercise, high intensity increases calorie burning.

Plan your sessions. This is a trick that can be applied to any activity. Quoting you in a specific place and time, treating it like any other appointment. And do not treat me like a less important event than others, even more importantly treat her.

If you’re able to train at the same time each day for a month, is likely to become a habit. Once I become a habit, you can increase the intensity.

Forget about losing weight. More than likely you do not lose weight immediately; losing weight will come if you keep up the exercise for a while. Concentrate on making exercise a habit; you worry about the weight later.

Rewards work best if they are frequent in the beginning. Until sweets are good rewards, remember, first make exercise a habit, the next step will be to lose weight.

Public your results on your blog. It may be that the only reader is your brother, anyway, anything that helps with motivation is good, positive weight of a brother too! Post your goals and post your results. Make visible your trip to that flat stomach.

Write a diary. If you do not publish a blog, keep a journal, online or on paper. Make it a routine to target every time you finish a session.

Have fun you do not have to be boring; I try to run alongside the beach here inBarcelona, in the morning. It’s a nice way to start the day.

Remember to load the stomach. If you train more than 30 minutes before eating a little better, a banana. I’ve noticed that if you take a coffee before you rush to run all goes a bit easier.

Stay hydrated Water, water and more water! You could take a Gatorade or something similar if going to do a session of more than one hour, otherwise you do not need more than water. In fact, taking water right through the day is a good habit. Needless to drink water exercise.

Looking for a partner for exercise. Someone who is at your level. Exercise can be much more fun if you have someone to talk to while lifting weight.

Changing type of exercise can be a key to avoid boredom. Perhaps you will Kung Fu, Tai-chi or kickboxing. Try different types of exercise.

Do it in the morning. Supposedly exercising in the morning is better for the body, especially before des fasting. The body will be on fire fatter. Also get to work after makes you feel great. Your mind is awake.

Little and often. 20-30 minutes a day is enough. Who does not have 20 minutes a day? Stop watching that replenishment of The Simpson’s and make a hole for exercise.

Tie your shoelaces. Just do it and get out of the door. Once out let nature take you.

Participate in a race. Sign up to 10k. For me it worked great last year, I was motivated like no other thing. And I remember I had a pipe with all other brokers.

The rule of 10%. No increase your workout or distance more than 10% / week. Keep firm that rule to avoid injury.Rest is important. Rest is just as important as exercise to improve performance.

Listen to your body. A very important rule – if your body complains and tells you you’re forestland is more than likely to be true. I had a scare last year when I started running and I did too hard at first. My knees complained and had to abstain one month of any type of sports activity.

Take pictures of yourself. The best way to see if you’re making progress is to have photographic evidence, once a month should be enough, not every day, because who are you?

Before any exercise, warm up the muscles. We must make the blood and heart works well.Commit for the long term. You will not get to look like Brad Pitt or Heidi Klum in a month. Think of exercise as a habit for life, and gradually reach the results.

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