Reduce muscle pain

fatTo stretch every hour helps relieve or prevent muscle soreness if you spend much time sitting. But it is also effective to soothe when the cause is there strenuous exercise or injury.

Stretching helps improve flexibility, and as a result the range of motion in joints. So when they manage to move through its full range, allow the muscles to work effectively while avoiding pain and injuries, says Mayo Clinic.

It is important that before you start stretching then we suggest you against muscle pain, place an brief heating for five to 10 minutes to prevent harm you.

1. Lift Buttock

Bend your knee and hip as far as you possibly can, use both hands to pull the leg until you feel a slight tension. Hold for 15 seconds, returns to neutral position and limb changes. Repeat three times with each.

2. Front Rise

Begin face down with your elbows bent beneath you and hands glued to the floor. Keep the hips and pelvis immobile and lifts the torso as far as you can, relaxes the muscles of the back. Hold 10 seconds, lower and rise again. Do 10 repetitions.

3. Hamstring Stretch

Raise one leg on a surface 90 °, placing only the heel for support, flex the abdomen and extends one or both arms to try and pull your toes with your hands. If this is not possible stretches far supports. Hold 10 seconds and changes.

4. Self-stretching

Sitting on the edge of your chair, this can be done in your workplace, with your back straight, knees bent up to your hips and heels slightly elevated. Without bending the spine stretch your back to make it grow as much as possible. Do it for 15 seconds, rest and repeat.

5. Flexor

Standing with your back straight, balances the weight on the left leg, bend your right knee and grab your foot firmly upwards so that the heel is a maximum of 15cm from your buttocks. You can lean with his hand on the wall. Hold 15 seconds and switch tip.

6. Exercise Cat

Put on your knees, with clenched fists resting on the surface. Raise your back, put your head between your arms and hold the position for 5-10 seconds. After arching the spine, raises his head and stays the same time. Repeated 10 times.

7. Back Stretch back

In position four, placed a pillow over your heels and your buttocks sits on it. While fully stretched hands and back, with his head in his arms. Remains so for 15 seconds and repeated two to three times.

When you file a muscle pain from overuse or injury, plus stretching, you have to rest that body part and apply ice for the first 24-72 hours to also reduce inflammation, indicating the National Institutes of Health.

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