Push-side with knees pulled

dietThe push-supported shoulder knees are a simpler exercise is done without knees pulled variant. Obvious, right? But the usefulness perform this way flexes shoulder to knees supported, is that people who are unable or do a repeat or do very little and go to make a abate or a circuit that we need to handle the exercise with some ease, can adapt the training exercise.

Push-side with knees pulled

How flexes shoulder with knees supported performed?

To run squats shoulder to knees supported, first, we put ourselves upside down, resting his knees and feet on the floor. We’ll open arms pretty much what you normally would do to make common pectoral bending. The most advanced also will post more, to allow head down to do the exercise.

Then, place the head upside down and go down to touch his forehead on the floor. Once you have made, we will make a slight break and will rise again to return to the starting position. The knees should not take off at any time during the execution ground exercise.

To end with the explanation, we leave you with a video on push-supported shoulder knees are performed unable to find a video which comes with knees resting on the floor, we leave one knee placed in a bank, which is also a valid formula. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send it on our social network or blog:

What muscles exercise when performing squats shoulder knees supported?

The push-supported shoulder knees are an exercise that focuses on working the triceps, shoulders pectoral addition, although a residual manner. However, does not involve the core abdominal muscles as a normal bending both as to position the knees at the ground resistance is subtracted.

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