Ortoreksiya tips

fatDid you know that proper nutrition can be diagnosed if it suddenly starts to get painful features of mania? This is possible if we are talking about ortoreksii.

What is ortoreksiya?

Orthorexia nervosa – eating disorder, which is characterized by an obsessive desire for good health and proper nutrition that is often accompanied by a significant limitation in the choice of food.

Maniacal following the rules of the useful power for the first time realized and clothed in the term ortoreksii doctor Stephen Bretmen, who lived in the 70s of the last century in the commune whose members ate only organic food. About eating disorder Bretmen began to wonder when noticed that he became obsessed with the idea of proper nutrition.

Today, a healthy lifestyle and PP proper nutrition is actively popularized in society, so research physician Stephen Bretmena is increasing interest among specialists, because the person is inclined to extremes. However, at the moment ortoreksiya not included in the International Classification of diseases, so the diagnosis can not be made official.

How dangerous ortoreksiya?

Due to the fact that information about the usefulness and the dangers of food are often taken ortoreksikami from entrusted sources, it can lead to misinformation that may have far beneficial effect on human health.

Rigid regulations on nutrition can lead to unconscious protest in a result of which a person begins to use forbidden foods that could eventually lead to bulimia. And even if the person to cope with it, it will torment the guilt and depression after the collapse of the total, and this leads to a worsening of mental disorder.

In some severe cases, the strict exclusion from the diet any food groups can lead to malnutrition.Strict dietary restrictions can lead to social blockade: ortoreksiki limit the range of social contacts, bad find a common language with family and friends who do not share their dietary beliefs.

The most famous ortoreksikom be called Adolf Hitler. Fuhrer use vegetables that are grown on special plots of land: it fumigated to kill the bacteria, fertilized with manure from particularly pure extra clean animals. At the same time, Hitler was a vegetarian, does not smoke, and from alcohol only occasionally could afford wine.

Reasons ortoreksii. Risk Group

1. The first thing to say about the young girls and women. As a rule, because of the desire to change their own shape women are beginning to experiment with food. Came under the influence of fashionable slogans about nutrition, woman, unsure of their appearance and prone to psychological self-flagellation begins to reconsider your diet, read articles about the products and their properties, to communicate with people, preaching proper nutrition. At first, it was good, but in a situation with ortoreksiey people can not understand when the right food turns into an obsession: excluded many products that seem questionable health, there has been frequent rejection of friendly get-togethers with friends in a cafe, as there is no wholesome food, there are problems in communicating with others not everyone wants to constantly listen to lectures on meticulous PP.

2. Those at risk may include, but successful, mature people, those who are very much attracted by the adjective right: the right food, the correct way of life and consideration, the right approach to everything with which a person is faced throughout the day. People of this temperament subconsciously seek approval from the side. After all, the right can not be judged negatively, neither himself nor others.

3. Ortoreksiya can occur in those who are called perfectionists, people make in their lives at all five of seeking perfection in everything and to be met by themselves high standards. For example, the American actress Gwyneth Paltrow once turned its attention to the figure, which is to say, it is always in order. In fear recover Gwyneth has revamped its system of power, giving up coffee, sugar, flour products, potatoes, tomatoes, milk, meat, stopped going to restaurants, and if you are away from home for a long time, make sure you took with him the right food. Needless to say that lectures on useful food listened to its entire environment? By the way, this actress has not stopped and released a book dedicated to the right-useful food with original recipes. It would be admirable if the measure had and if in the media name oskoronosnoy actress did not start to appear in the same row with the word ortoreksiya.

Symptoms ortoreksii

Categorical food choices, not on the basis of personal taste preferences, and of the quality characteristics.Key product selection – health benefits.

Getting banned salty, sweet, fatty, and products containing starch, gluten, alcohol, yeast, caffeine, chemical preservatives, non-biological or genetically modified foods.

Overactive diet fads and useful power systems – for example, the raw food diet.Fear of harmful product that reaches the degree of phobias irrational fear of uncontrolled.Having a system of punishment in the case of the use of banned products.Allocating an important role, even a method of preparing these or other foods.

Meticulous planning the menu for the next day

Rigid division of people into their those who eat properly, and therefore worthy of respect, and others those who consume junk food, in which noticed a distinct sense of superiority over those who belong to the second group.

How to treat ortoreksiyu?

When symptoms ortoreksii person is very important to realize that his commitment to nutrition becomes unhealthy and develops into an obsession. This is the first and key step on the road to recovery.

At the initial stage with ortoreksiey can handle yourself through self-control: pulls himself from thinking about the benefits of eating, do not give up meeting friends in public places cafes, restaurants or their guest, less pay attention to food labels, listen to your body, his taste desires, and not only to the dogmas of the PP.

If the home can not cope, you need to consult a dietitian and psychologist: the first will be for you to diet health is restored, and the second will relate to eating sensibly and find the meaning of life is not only what you eat.

How to avoid ortoreksii?

Do not categorically refuse any products.Let yourself sometimes something tasty, though inconvenient to you by your current power system.

Listen to your body if you do not like there are a number of useful products, do not torment yourself. Look analogues may not be as environmentally friendly, but palatable.

Do not focus on the failure during a diet. No need to invent sentences and long time experience the state of affairs. Accept it and move on.

Do not forget to enjoy the taste of food during its consumption.Be sure to try something that has nothing to do with a healthy lifestyle and diet. Your PP should not be a hobby or the meaning of life, this is just one of the physiological needs, and the time can and should spend on interesting activities: courses, trips to museums and theaters, pet care, etc., etc.

Learn to filter and verify the information: the use of any product can be postulated for commercial purposes, as well as harm. The best advice with experts.

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