Myths and Truths about diets

dietCuriously, few nutritionists themselves seriously lose weight. A pity, because it is to them, a practice that wants to come up and ask a question about how to lose weight without harm to health. We managed to find a nutritionist, emaciated on his own system of 36 kg for 5 months, Mila Gritsenko.

Mila personal experience

in 12 years of weight Mila was 64-69 kg, and 19 years in the postpartum period – 82 kg with height 155 cm. A huge number of ways to lose weight: mono-diet, fasting, vacuum massage, pills, slimming teas – failed the desired result. Especially, in the postpartum period there was danger and harm the baby at all, if you start to use of drugs for weight loss.

As a result, during the year Mila yourself, without resorting to the existing methods of losing weight, developing a methodology for yourself weight loss, which proved to be effective: Mila lost weight to 46 kg, and after even opened her studio for weight loss.

Mila, in the description of a particular diet in the media often pay attention: Pre-consult with a nutritionist. So, devoid of a nutritionist to lose weight does not? But you could.

Yes, as a rule, many people begin the process of losing weight by trial and error, often goes to extremes, which can lead to fatal consequences for their health. My method of trial and error and did not pass without a trace, so still desirable, as a minimum, a consultation with a nutritionist and get detailed instructions on the correct and healthy weight loss.

In the end, if you have no money, time and patience to contact a dietitian I recommend starting with a proper diet and forget the word “diet”.

And please tell us how you lost weight? 

My vast experience in losing weight is divided into two stages: life before and after pregnancy.Before pregnancy I’ve always been a big girl, in the truest sense of the word, and do not complexes about it. In adolescence, a crush, but they told me not reciprocate, and the definition of fat cow. I decided to take action to prove ne’er boy that would be, say, bite your elbows still, and rushed to search the Internet miracle diet. And so, that would certainly, for the week minus 10 kg. Diet I certainly did not help and then were tested pills, dietary supplements, teas, hunger strikes, but all to no avail. This phase I call my trial and error, which taught me a lot.

My second stage of weight loss after pregnancy began when 5 months I lost 36 kg. Like many women after childbirth, I saw myself in the mirror in two, if not three times as much. Here and there was a point of no return for me, I said to myself:

I want to note that it was feeding postpartum period, when you can not resort to a miracle drug, but psychologically the easiest way, but it does not help.

The most difficult part for me was discipline and motivation, because most difficult to inculcate the habit of eating in new ways. But the right attitude and a new approach to business can do wonders.

Nutritionists suggest drinking per day from 1 to 4 liters per day. So how much water should you drink a day?

I do not advise to start with 2 or even 3 liters per day, if you’ve drank a little.

Dramatically increasing fluid intake, you risk overloading the kidneys, and it already threatens to stop the swelling and weight due to accumulation of fluid in your body.

You can start with 3 glasses of water a day, and every day to drink one glass more. You must come to the norm of 8-12 glasses a day.

Please note that less water consumption also leads to edema. Buds begin to function less. Can simply orient: weighing 50 kg requires 1.5 liters greater weight – is added glass 10-12 cups per day.

In order to lose weight without harm to health, which is better: diet or proper nutrition?

It depends on the purpose. For example, you go to a fitness club, you have a lot of extra pounds. In order to begin work on the relief of the body, you must first run on a treadmill to lose weight. When you took off, start to work out every muscle in your body. Just with diet and proper nutrition. If you have an overabundance of weight, you must adhere to wholesome diet designed by you. Once you have reached the optimum weight, you need to go on a proper diet and a new way of life.

Tell me, whether fasting be therapeutic? For example, Gwyneth Paltrow recommends that one day a week to starve. Does that make sense?

I am totally against starvation. Since one day on hunger slows metabolism exactly 4-5 days. That is, after the date of this body will be reserved and heavily in the next 4-5 days, the weight will be. I think these days of stress to the body and the right way to weight gain, as the appetite after a hunger strike an incredibly strong. But should not be confused with unloading days. They are useful once a week. I happen protein cheese, chicken, fish and carbohydrate fruits, vegetables. Select one option and eat during the day selected product.

Many of us have seen beautiful headlines Lose weight forever. Can I do something – sit on a diet, eat a miracle pill – and lose weight permanently or is it just a myth about diets?

Of course not. All this hard work. You can fix the result, held out in the new weight a certain time. But if you go back to the old regime and start overeating, weight gradually begin to grow and – hello, those extra pounds! Therefore, it is important to start with a weight loss of communication with a nutritionist, so that he even sent you in the right direction.

Does it make sense to use some accompanying diet foods cereal or teas for weight loss or Supplements?

Besides fish oil, calcium and vitamins advise you not to take anything. All this is making money on those who are too lazy to make efforts and achieve results. So to speak, eat porridge and lose weight! Remember, there is no easy way out!

I read somewhere that a stress-free person should lose weight by an average of 3 hit per month. Is it?

It depends on what method you get rid of extra pounds. If, for example, 7-9 kg per month leave of proper nutrition and acceleration of metabolic processes using frequent meals and small portions, sports – then it will not be stressful for the body.

Another thing, if you get rid of those pounds through diet, hunger strikes and grueling workouts, this is a significant impact on your health.

Here you just said to accelerate the metabolism, metabolism. Tell me, whether the negative effects of too rapid metabolism?

Well, what is too rapid metabolism in our time? How would we nor accelerated, there is still a lot of factors that affect it and slow down. For example, the environment is not always a healthy lifestyle, alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, lack of sports. In general, a person may try to do everything right, it is still in his life, at least one of these factors, but is present. So we better think how to do so to make it work to its fullest, rather than that he can fail from excessive active work.

I remember a movie where they say that you can lose weight in 3 days to a few cm. Even if it is possible, it is normal for the body or not?

For the first week of any diet minus 4.2 kg – this is normal. Because at the beginning of the body takes the excess fluid and she flies off instantly, with her company and centimeters. But in the second week, I’m sure the result will please you much less. During this period begins to descend the first surface layer of fat. Need to get rid of it through proper diet, patience and time.

Mila, tell me what needs to be done before deciding on a particular diet, and that definitely need to know about you or your health to weight loss?

The first thing you need to know – it’s their disease and nutritional characteristics. Therefore, before you ask for help, go to examination by a doctor, so you do not have any problems. Well, a good nutritionist always picks up your diet, especially considering all of your body.

There is an opinion that is not so difficult to lose weight, how to keep the weight. Is this true? Are there any general rules to retain weight?

If you lose weight on a diet, then keep the weight you are unlikely to succeed, and if they hold, for a short while. Typically, after a terrible diets wakes up the appetite and food disruptions. With proper nutrition to keep the weight is not so difficult. Gradually add on calorie meals, for example, add an extra snack for the evening, it may be grapefruit, protein from eggs or cottage cheese. Within 6 months of weight entrenched, even if you have a little break overall system.

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